The Summer of 2020 is Calling

They say “Hindsight is 20/20.”
But if you knew now that in the summer of 2020 you could serve God, make a difference in someone else’s life, and come home changed, would you do it? Do you feel God calling you to something bigger?

In 10 years when you look back at the summer of 2020, what will you remember as significant? Will you remember working that summer job? What about lounging around the house playing Fortnight and eating Doritos? Will sleeping in all summer leave a lasting impact? Or will serving God in another country and outside of your comfort zone be more significant?

So, where should you go?

Do you feel a pull to a specific region? Or maybe you have a heart for a specific type of ministry. All Royal Servant mission trips focus on relational evangelism, but each trip has a unique perspective on what that looks like. Check out our “Where Should I Go?” page to learn more about the different types of ministry opportunities and find one that speaks to you!

Or maybe God has been laying a specific location on your heart. Check out our 2020 Royal Servants Teams below. Click on a photo to start your journey today!

Looking back, in hindsight, what will you see about the summer of 2020?

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