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Today marks our final day of active outreach for the team before we take the day on Monday to debrief our trip. It’s been day after day of new and intense experiences.

Just to recap a few of the things we’ve done: we visited two different refugee camps in the area, bringing relief supplies and spending time building relationships. We helped put on a language learning club for adults, and another one for kids. We shared our faith with local students, one on one, in some nearby neighborhoods. We helped out at a church with some service projects. We have done a mountain of praying for any and every reason we can think of. And we have listened to the stories and journeys of the long term ministry leaders who have been faithfully laboring here for years.

Today we are splitting up and are off to three different churches. Later, we’ll head back out to the streets to share the gospel with the local youth, and that will conclude our outreach for this trip. Tomorrow we turn our hearts toward home, and begin to process what these experiences mean for us, and how move forward in our lives with new perspective.

We’d love for you to be praying for our time out on the streets this afternoon. Pray especially for courage and boldness. Please also pray for our day of debriefing, that the Lord, would lay on our hearts the lessons He wants us to take away from this experience.

Thank you again for praying us through this trip. To our families, see you Tuesday!

Job and the SBS France team.

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Ministry in France!

by Job Hammond

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Wow, what an exciting couple days of ministry!

We hit the ground running here in France, starting day one off with some orientation and then joining two local adult English clubs. Our students immediately jumped into building relationships, striking up conversations and learning about the lives of the local French people, many of whom are Muslim believers. The conversations have been rich and welcoming, and our hosts are thrilled with the possibilities it’s opening up.

It took some time and scrambling, but we managed to get unlimited transportation passes on the buses and trains for everyone in the group. It has really made the entire city of Toulouse easily accessible to us.

Yesterday we spent time at a refugee camp in town. The conditions were rough, and the language barrier was stark. Nevertheless, that quickly became a high priority for our team, and they are eager to get back there and dig deeper into the lives and those they’ve quickly made friends with.

We’ve also did some prayer walking, spent time with our missionary hosts, explored a North African open air market, and kicked jet lag. It has been a productive couple days.

We’d love for you to be praying for us as we try out some evangelism approaches in new areas today, and later take on an after school English tutoring with kids and youth.

Merci to all who are holding us up in prayer!

Job and the Stony Brook School France team

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Welcome to the Family, Boost!
We believe that students who are empowered to grow and to serve can have a profound impact in the world to build God’s kingdom. However we realize that the 5-7 week mission trips that we offer through Royal Servants isn’t for everyone. And thus, Boost Mission Trips was born! Boost is a way for us to offer shorter trips for students AND provide a resource to help you build your own trip!

While Royal Servants summer mission trips last between 5 to 7 weeks, Boost Mission Trips offer an opportunity to experience the awesome parts of Royal Servants but in a much shorter time frame (7-14 days). These trips will be available to a large group of students- all you have to do is sign up!

Youth Pastors, Leaders, Teachers etc:
Building a mission trip that takes a group of students to new places and accomplishes effective, responsible ministry can be an enormous task. It demands time, resources, connections, meticulous planning, administrative support, and so much more. We hope to lift the burden of planning and organizing the trip so that you as a leader are free to invest in your students and the ministry at hand. Every trip is customized to fit your group and to make sure your efforts are meeting real needs.

Short-term mission trips are what we do, and Boost Mission Trips is our way of offering that to you. Check it all out here >>

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North Africa Update

by Job Hammond

The Islamic call to prayer sounds off five times a day over loud speakers throughout the city and the students barely bat an eye. They hail petit taxis with ease. They know the local way of crossing a busy street. They have Muslim friends with whom they meet for coffee, and know all the best places to buy ice cream and toilet paper.

We have been here a couple days shy of two weeks but the students have already adapted seamlessly to life here. Without even noticing it they have hit their stride. The outreach has been especially rich which only makes our team all the more eager to keep going out and make the most of every opportunity. Students have been using their free time scouring scripture passages to find something they think their Muslim friends will find compelling. The request I’ve received most often lately… “can we have more time for outreach?”

The food here is delicious and cheap. The city is easy to get around, either by foot or petit taxi. The people are welcoming and curious and the street markets are bursting with life and unusual items. There’s a few parts of town we avoid, which are less friendly towards visitors, but otherwise we have found ourselves right at home here.

Tomorrow we are off to visit a nearby city for some fun and exploring. (Google ‘blue city’) It is going to be a well earned day off for the team, and a chance to turn their focus more on grabbing up some souvenirs and tasting some of the incredible local food. We are excited to break out and explore another piece of this beautiful country.

Thanks to all for your prayers and support, and for your patience as our students are ironing out their email access troubles. Also, mom and dad, your student is now an expert and hand washing their laundry. Be proud. They smell great.

Job and the North Africa team

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Some pics from the North Africa team!

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Now is the Time

by Job Hammond

“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” – Luke 10:2

Author of this post, Job Hammond.

We use this verse a lot in the world of Christian missions, and oftentimes if you’ve heard it, it may have felt a bit like a guilt trip. But let us set aside the second part of sentence for a moment, and just think about the first. “The harvest is plentiful…” Do you understand what this means? Right now, all over the earth, there are people who are in need of Christ. And not just that, they are ready to put their faith in Him! God has been preparing people by the millions to find their hope in Jesus. The harvest is plentiful. He is not waiting around for us to get out there and get the job started, He’s been doing it all along. He’s been planting seeds, watering them, and watching them grow. He’s been preparing the hearts and souls of people all over the world to finally find eternal salvation. The harvest is plentiful.
If you’ve given some thought to signing up for a mission trip this summer, but have begun to reconsider such a huge commitment, we are not ready to let you walk away from this just yet. We want your help. The harvest is plentiful. Of course it would be easier to stay home, and no doubt there are numerous reasons for you to let this opportunity pass. But the harvest is plentiful! God wants you to be apart of the exciting work of seeing people come to faith in Jesus. He is redeeming this world one new believer at a time, and you get to help. You get to be there when those people God has been preparing decide to follow Christ. You get to be the person who tells them how to say ‘yes’ to forgiveness in Christ. Instead of waiting around for the rest of us, God has already begun His work of salvation to all and He wants you to be there when it happens. What are you waiting for? The harvest is plentiful!


Now is the Time – Recieve $100 towards your Royal Servants Mission Trip

A friend of our ministry wants help enable students to experience the life changing opportunity that a Royal Servants summer represents and is willing to donate $100 each to the first 15 students who complete their registration (through step 3 of the process). This offer runs from March 3rd until St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th.

  • If you haven’t submitted your Detailed Registration (step 2), then you can enter “Now2018” into the promo code box at the end of the registration.
  • If you have already submitted your registration but haven’t paid your $40 registration fee, simply put “Now2018” into the comment section.

    So lemme break it down for ya:

    1. Watch this video:

    March is Here!! from Royal Servants on Vimeo.

    2. Complete Your Registration & pay the Reg Fee

    3.Get excited and unashamedly bust out a Happy Dance!

    If you have any questions or need any help, just reply to this email, or call the office, M-F 9:30am – 5:00pm Central at 763.535.9555 ext. 721.

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    Do you ever feel like it’s kind of a ridiculous request that we should really trust God? Why would we? Disappointment and frustration is an everyday experience for us. It comes in small ways: failing that test, that one thing broke, it snowed again in March, that server got your order wrong, etc. It comes in big ways too: that person betrayed you, you’ve been bullied and abused, that school rejected you, you feel so alone, that temptation came back, and the list goes on.


    So if we really believe that God is sovereign, and still so many things go wrong for us, can He really be trusted with our well-being?
    Thankfully, Revelations 21:5-7 answers that question for us:


    And He who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” Also he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.” And he said to me, “It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. To the thirsty I will give from the spring of the water of life without payment. The one who conquers will have this heritage, and I will be his God and he will be my son.”


    God makes a promise to us that He is redeeming this world. He’s making it all new again, one bit at a time. Things may not always be as they should be now, but someday they absolutely will be, and He wants us to look forward to when that day comes. Even more, He wants us to be a part of it every step of the way. All God asks is that we trust Him.


    When we trust God, we accept a new way of facing life’s challenges. We let go of the expectation that this is going to go exactly they way we want it to. Instead, we are acknowledging that God’s way is much better. We’re not in control, and thank goodness for that. Trusting God is stepping into the unknown of life, not just embracing its mystery, but its temporary pain and failure too.


    There’s a lot to be anxious about going into this summer: support raising, evangelism, a team full of strangers, missing out on the summer back home, being without a cell phone, and all the unknowns of international travel. Our prayer for you is that you will relentlessly trust God for this summer. Don’t let the scary stuff detour you. That’s all temporary. The work that you’re going to see God do through you and the lives you’ll see Him change this summer, that’s permanent.



    Prep Packet & Forms

    Make sure to read through the Prep Packet and all the forms sent to you when you applied for your Royal Servants mission trip (parents, you’ll want to read this information too!). We don’t want you to miss out on any important information or deadlines! If you haven’t submitted your application yet, don’t worry, there is still time.

    Mission Trip International Airfare Amounts & Deadlines

    In your prep packet we let you know that we are required to start booking international tickets the week of May 4th. Listed below are the actual dates we will be booking each trip. That means each participant must have enough money in her or his account to cover that cost on that day. However, if you don’t have the funds in your Royal Servants account, you may also give us a credit card to cover the cost.


    We won’t charge your credit card—really! We will simply put a hold for that amount and then remove the hold when your account has enough funds to cover the ticket. We would only charge the card if you dropped from the program and didn’t have enough in your account to cover what we paid for the ticket. Reign Ministries is only able to process for holds Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards (debit cards may be used, but there has to be enough funds in the account and the hold will make those funds inaccessible until released). You can find more information on this in the “Paying for the Trip” section of the Parent or Staff Discipler prep packets.


    If you want us to purchase your ticket by putting a hold on a credit card, you will have to call the Reign Ministries’ office before the booking deadline. You are not able to use our online giving to place a hold. You can make a tax-deductible donation for your ticket online, but the amount is immediately charged. You can reach us at 763-535-9555, ext. 721 for Margaret or 712 for Tom. We are in the office weekdays between 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM CDT.


    Trip Airfare Cost Booking Deadline
    Western Europe $1460 May 1st
    Ireland $1660 May 4th
    Nepal $1930 May 4th
    Costa Rica $790 May 5th
    Nehemiah $1660 May 5th
    Timothy $1700 May 5th
    China $1690 May 6th
    Kenya $1960 May 6th
    Scotland $1460 May 7th
    Eastern Europe $1570 May 7th

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