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Job Hammond: Debriefing week in Madrid has been good for the Morocco team!

We’re headed home today, and ready to go!

Food requests…pay attention families! 🙂

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We are wrapping up our ministry in Morocco and headed off to Madrid tomorrow morning!

And a great video too!

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All our loaves and fishes

The weeks have been full and have gone by fast. We are already halfway through our last week of active outreach and I think many on the team would love to slow time down just a bit so we can keep meeting with all the people we are hoping to. That said, you can see in the eyes of the team that the weight of our work here and the long hours are beginning to show. It’s that look of exhaustion setting in and joy and fulfillment of a job well done, swirling together in each person. Nobody wants to stop or slow down, but coming face to face with hundreds of people on the street each day, knowing they are so far from God, praying for them, trying to share with them, and being turned away so frequently, certainly takes its toll.

Despite all of that, the team is in great spirits. The students have found their favorite shwarma spots, grown deeper in friendship with one another, developed a host of inside jokes, and know their way around the city quite well. Over the weekend we took a day off and traveled to the city of Ceuta, Spain. Yes Spain. It sits on the coast of Morocco, yet is a city belonging to the country of Spain. We crossed the boarder, changed time zones and currency, entered a vastly different culture where T-shirt’s and shorts were normal for girls, not controversial. We spent the afternoon at a pool park, relaxing and refreshing. It was good and needed. We walked back over the boarder into Morocco which perfectly marked the beginning of one last week of ambitious outreach.

As a team we are dwelling on the story of Jesus calling on his disciples to feed the 5000. They had only a few loaves and fishes and didn’t see how that was a realistic request at all. He took what little they had, and with His own miracle, He fed everyone in abundance. We are giving God everything we have here, as puny as our efforts might seem, in hopes of seeing Jesus doing a miracle and reviving the lives of the Moroccans. Pray with us to see people follow Jesus!

Job and the Morocco team

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Morocco Trip Update

by RS Updates

The team had a fun day off and out as we took a day trip over to the city of Chefchaouen, also known as the “Blue City.” It is a beautiful community made up of an Ancient medina town, almost entirely painted blue, and filled with shops selling art, crafts, food, and souvenirs. We had a beautiful day of exploring and eating our way through the village, and a refreshing day to relax and have some fun together. It was a really good day.

But not all days have been so filled with laughter and enjoyment. Some of the outreach we do here is hard work with lots of rejection. Just Friday, groups went out and pursued conversations with people in two different locations in the city. Both groups came back tired and frustrated in seeing a lot of hard work seemingly get them nowhere. Two boys, Jeremiah and Ethan manage to approach 29 different individuals or groups of people in the span of a couple hours, only to find a small few of those spoke enough English to have a meaningful conversation with, and even fewer actually wanted to talk.

But then there are other days, when they manage to approach just the right person who is hungry for something more and is eager to talk. Its amazing when it happens. We’ve compared it to an oasis in the desert, or a home run in a long eventless baseball game. The moment it happens, everything becomes worth it and the payoff is amazing.

Later today our students are meeting with one such individual. A young man named “Sol” who couldn’t wait to see and read from a real bible, and jumped at the chance to pray to God for himself. They couldn’t believe his curiosity and eagerness as they walked through a bible study with him, talking though Adam, and Noah, Moses, and of course, Jesus himself. He is fascinated and excited. We don’t know where this will end, but it has become a team effort to see this young man through. Be praying for this young man as our students lead him close and closer to a life changing commitment… if he’s ready to make it.

A couple other things worth noting, if you’re receiving especially brief emails from your son or daughter, it likely has to do with the fact that the keyboards are different here, and it takes them a long time to type out a simple message. They’re trying! And you can be praying for health on our team, as some sickness has been getting passed around the team and has taking a few people out for a day or two. We’d love to have everyone back on their feet and feeling good!

Thanks for your prayers and support. Keep us lifted!

Job and the Morocco team.

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