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Welcome to the Family, Boost!
We believe that students who are empowered to grow and to serve can have a profound impact in the world to build God’s kingdom. However we realize that the 5-7 week mission trips that we offer through Royal Servants isn’t for everyone. And thus, Boost Mission Trips was born! Boost is a way for us to offer shorter trips for students AND provide a resource to help you build your own trip!

While Royal Servants summer mission trips last between 5 to 7 weeks, Boost Mission Trips offer an opportunity to experience the awesome parts of Royal Servants but in a much shorter time frame (7-14 days). These trips will be available to a large group of students- all you have to do is sign up!

Youth Pastors, Leaders, Teachers etc:
Building a mission trip that takes a group of students to new places and accomplishes effective, responsible ministry can be an enormous task. It demands time, resources, connections, meticulous planning, administrative support, and so much more. We hope to lift the burden of planning and organizing the trip so that you as a leader are free to invest in your students and the ministry at hand. Every trip is customized to fit your group and to make sure your efforts are meeting real needs.

Short-term mission trips are what we do, and Boost Mission Trips is our way of offering that to you. Check it all out here >>

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gallivanting across the country

From the rolling plains to the thick green forests, from foaming oceans to middle earth (whoops! we mean lands), there is nowhere our Royal Servants Staff will not go to reach you!


Throughout the year we’ve got various staff gallivanting across these great United States. Spot them at your local churches and schools, as they bring great news! News about missions, news about opportunities ahead, opportunities to take this world by storm and it involves YOU!


Whether you’ve already signed up or are still on the fence, let us grace you with our presence as we tell tales of the adventures to be had, wisdom of the great unknown, and the laughter that will fill your tummy with bubbles of joy, in hopes of giving you a glimpse into the summer you can have. A summer of adventure.


See the regions we have chosen, drop yourself on by, and say hi to these warriors!
Click here for more information »

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by Tom Ives

Macedonia Mission Trip

Reign Ministries in partnership with SEND International | Refugee Relief
March 19-27, 2016 for ages 16 to 26.

The news headlines have been dominated by the Syrian refugee crisis, arguably one of the worst humanitarian crises of our time. And we’ve heard a lot of people, from all over the world, with differing opinions, endlessly talking about it. However, the essential question is, as followers of Christ, what should our response be?
We at Reign Ministries and SEND International think it’s time to stop talking and to start doing something. It’s time to tangibly make a difference.
Macedonia Horse

This March, Reign Ministries will be partnering with the missions organization SEND International in launching the Macedonia Response Team, focusing specifically on refugee relief efforts. Situated in the heart of the Balkans, Macedonia is one of the main thoroughfares refugees are taking as they travel from Greece into northern Europe, and the need there is great.
Working out of Skopje, the capital city of Macedonia, you’ll have a variety of creative and unique opportunities to share the Gospel as you help meet some of the practical needs these people have on their journey. The final details are still being worked out, but you’ll be engaged in refugee relief work that includes food and water distribution, providing supplies to young mothers and their children, or sharing the gospel through SD cards they can put into their phones and carry with them as they make their way north. With Skopje situated on the Kosovo border, the work you’ll be doing will be significant as the refugees are right on the cusp of another major transition through yet another country.

What makes Balkan cuisine unique is its surprising blend of exotic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences. With Macedonia’s relatively warm climate, the soil makes for the perfect conditions to grow fresh fruits, herbs, and a variety of vegetables, which might explain why their stews are so mouthwatering and delicious. And thanks to the former Ottoman Empire, Macedonia has a well-developed coffee culture that could rival Starbucks any day!

While in Skopje, you and the team will be staying in a hostel. Hostels resemble average American hotel rooms, minus the cheesy amenities, and with several sets of bunk beds per room. They are a great option for a traveling team as they offer a clean, safe, and quiet environment to rest. While in other parts of the country, the team will potentially stay in churches, meeting halls, or houses. So bring your sleeping bag, mat, flexible and adventurous spirit, and join us!

The Macedonia Response Team is designed for participants ages 26 and under. If you are itching to do something about this crisis, then this is the trip for you. What an amazing opportunity to be able to represent Christ and meet the needs of such a marginalized people. You don’t have to passively hear about this from the news, you can actually jump in and make a tangible difference. This trip is for doers and difference makers. How often do we have the chance to help change the world right in the midst of a crisis that the whole world is watching from a distance?

On this trip, Reign Ministries is partnering with the missions organization SEND International. SEND has missionaries living and working throughout Macedonia who are already well established and trusted in the culture. In the midst of the refugee crisis, we have a golden opportunity to not only come alongside and encourage these hard working missionaries, but as the book of Hebrews says, to “spur one another on toward love and good deeds.”

You need to arrive at Chicago O’Hare International airport by 10:00 AM on Saturday, March 19th. In most cases leadership will meet you at your flight’s baggage claim. But in the event that multiple members arrive at the same time and they are unable to meet you, please go to O’Hare terminal 2, baggage claim 2, where a team representative will be waiting.
The team will hold its initial briefing at the airport Holiday Inn before flying out later that day. The team will return via New York John F. Kennedy International airport on March 27th.
The cost of the mission trip is $900 plus airfare, which covers food, lodging, and transportation once the team arrives in Skopje. The cost also covers limited international travel insurance. Please note that domestic transportation, international flights, and additional spending money is not included in the cost of this trip and is the responsibility of the participant. To book both the domestic and international flights, contact:

Bursch Travel, John Gossen

611 Walnut St, Suite #3
Monticello, MN 55362

Phone: 763-295-5551
Fax: 763-295-6720
Macedonia Flags


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Odds are pretty good that if you happen to find yourself watching local news the next couple of days, you will hear a story about a local professional athlete or celebrity that has journeyed to the inner-city to pass out Christmas gifts and meals. This is a wonderful thing to do, and heartwarming to hear about. But at the end of the day, those same celebrities will climb back in to their SUVs, travel back to their gated communities, and celebrate Christmas in multi-million dollar homes. This is not to criticize them, as what they do to help during this time of year is a great thing, but rather to use them as a contrast.

In the next few days we will celebrate an event that took place 2,000 years ago. Jesus, our savior, the Light of the World, came down to earth. However, He didn’t travel with a camera crew, He didn’t come to make a cameo, or for Public Relations. He also didn’t come merely to drop something off, or stay for a little bit before retiring to more comfortable quarters. The remarkable thing about this story is that Jesus, who came without fanfare and was born a peasants birth in a dirty stable, STAYED. God came to BE WITH US, to LIVE WITH US. He came to show us a new way of living, to give us true hope, to complete His rescue plan. Jesus gave up everything to be with us – a remarkable thing to celebrate

Merry Christmas!

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Take a look at what has transpired thus far in this new season of Kairos! Almost three months down and 5 more to go for Kairos Minneapolis and Kairos Seattle. Our times together, in our respective destinations, have been SO GOOD and SO RICH. God is most definitely faithful and continues to pave the way for sweet fellowship, leadership potential revelations, life-giving outreach opportunities, perspective-shaping teachings, and a deeper appreciation for the ways in which He has uniquely formed and equipped us!

Not even halfway, and we’re thriving. Glory be to God!

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How do we articulate in words the legacy Kristen McHargue left?


It should be an epic movie, a heart-warming documentary, a riveting play or at the very least a Broadway musical. There were so many facets to Kristen: the passionate warrior for God, the fierce mother bear, the enthusiastic cheerleader, the quiet listener, the huntress and giver of treasures, the fabulous free-spirit, the maker of loveliness, the sharer of laughter, the organizer extraordinaire, the adventuring gypsy, the creative drawing board for change, the wide-eyed dreamer, the party animal, the rad fashionista. Her poor precious body could not hold all that she was on this Earth.


For 15 years she served Reign, 12 of them with her husband, Steve, before he suddenly and unexpectedly passed away in 2012. Together they moved us from a Mom and Pop organization to one that was professional, while still retaining all the warmth and intimacy we loved about who we were. It is something we will be forever grateful for. For many years Kristen struggled with wave after wave of debilitating illness, but through it all she remained steadfastly cheerful, full of humor and vivacity, and continued to pour extraordinary amounts of love and wisdom into the lives of those around her. She leaves what feels like a black hole in the space of our lives.


​In 2012, Steve and Kristen had a stone made for the commissioning of Reign’s very own Training Camp. On it was inscribed, “For all who have prayed, labored and given, thank you. May the Lord be honored here”​. Well, we throw that right back at you Kristen​ (and Steve)…you prayed, you labored, and you gave. Thank you. The Lord was honored here.

– Reign Ministries Staff (former and present)

For those of you who would like to offer support to Corin and Izzy financially, we have set up a Kristen McHargue Memorial Fund.

Please click here to be directed to our giving site >>


Today we lost a dear friend, colleague, a family member. Kristen McHargue was a bright sparkle in our Reign family and…

Posted by Reign Ministries on Sunday, June 7, 2015

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by Grace Horst

It’s that time of year again! WE ARE COMING TO YOU!


Want to hear some spectacular people influence and change your life? Give you a glimpse of their passion: to see young people impact their world? Give you the opportunity for some laughter, amazing stories, and the details on how you can serve God overseas this summer?!


OFF WE GO! Royal Servants Trip Leaders and the Kairos Discipleship School are going to be visiting schools, youth groups, and churches sharing their heart for YOU and their passion to see this world changed for Christ. We will be equipped with stories, a few punchlines, and the opportunity to travel with us this summer on mission trips with Royal Servants! We know you’re out there, we know you’re craving something bigger than you can imagine, and we know you have questions! We are here for you!


Check out our Speaking Blitz Calendar to see if we are near you!! >>


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by Corin McHargue




the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. “students in transition from one program to another”

The first 24-48 hours of international travel are full of change!  Trains, planes, buses, new places to sleep and many more adventures.  We will keep you posted as teams check in and remember…no news is GREAT news!  Some teams take a few hours to find internet, get international numbers up and running etc.  As soon as we hear from the team, we will pass it on.  

Everyone involved in the summer is in a state of transition right now, including family at home.  The past few weeks for your student have been a period of preparing, adjusting to life at Training Camp, meeting new friends, learning new things about God and now entering their new home for the summer.  

Transition impacts everyone in different ways.  For some, it is an overwhelming process fraught with fear and a need to stop the growth.  If you or your student is struggling with this, pray to see the new experiences with God’s eyes and to be able to feel safe in the midst of all of the change. It’s like watching a little kid frantically trying to float in the pool—lots of flailing arms and legs and very little floating.  Just lean back into God’s hands and float—breathe, relax, float.  

Other people embrace transition with zeal and glee!  This person may forget to write home…..all summer! Yes, it happens.   If you are struggling with a quiet home or a lack of communication, take time to embrace your own journey of metamorphosis. Discover a new ministry through your church or community, pray daily for the country and people where your student is serving.  Organize a night where you serve a dish from the country your son or daughter is working in and invite people over to pray.  The internet is a great resource for recipes, prayer requests and more.

At the end of the day, acknowledge the transition and all of the feelings that surround it and trust the Lord to provide beyond your wildest dreams.   

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