We’re nearly there…by tomorrow we will have stepped over 100,000 times in China (currently at 92,416 and counting).

We have been in this city for a week now. Some things have gone as we expected, most things have not. But He is Good regardless.

For the past week most of the team has been working at a summer camp for kids from a migrant village. While others, because our second program won’t start until Monday now (was supposed to be Friday) have been rotating with the migrant village camp and participating with Nehemiah’s camp here.

All around it’s been a great experience for our students getting to play, interact, and speak with the Chinese students. The best problem I have is making sure all of our team feel like they are able to contribute and participate. Starting Monday we will be running two camps simultaneously. It will take a bit of coordination with the supplies, but everyone is excited to be able to fully run the programs they’ve worked so hard at putting together.

One of the bigger challenges we have in China is communication home. One of the Internet cafes that the teams were able to use in the past decided they would no longer let US citizens (or other nationalities) use their internet. We were able to find another place that let us, but it’s a bit of a hike away. Also, when the students did get a chance to email home, many had trouble getting into their accounts and are trying to create new ones. All of this to say is that if you haven’t heard from your son/daughter, know we are trying and that they are ok! Also know some of them had to use other peoples email accounts and probably didn’t get to read anything you’ve sent. They will have more time this weekend to attempt to email again. Thank you for your patience and understanding, we are trying, but it’s not easy.

Yesterday I asked the team what their favorite food that they’ve eaten here is. Many have experimented with new foods, some have stayed a bit more conservative. I think my favorite answer was one student who bought a pack of red bean flavored Oreos just to try them and actually liked them. This would be a great question to ask your participant when they get home, they’ll have lots of stories to tell.

For the China family,

Some of our students think it would be great to teach a country line dance to some of our Chinese friends. Here’s a fun little video of them practicing during some of our down time.

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