DAY 1 London! Debriefing begins:

Hey everyone! We made it safely to London and are now beginning the process of debriefing. Out train got in pretty early on Sunday, so we had plenty of time to do some final laundry before home. Yesterday, we spent the day at the church to begin the process of debriefing by having the team write reports on what they have learned this summer. We also had time to complete some important teachings to prepare the team for coming home. Tomorrow we head out to the main city of London to see the sights!

DAY 2 London Town

Top of the morning to you all! Today we spent the day out and about in London town. We got to see some historical landmarks like the Tower of London and Parliament! We also got a chance to visit the preserved war rooms of Winston Churchill to learn more about WWII. We all really enjoyed ourselves and ended the night with some delicious London style food.

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