Today marks our final day of active outreach for the team before we take the day on Monday to debrief our trip. It’s been day after day of new and intense experiences.

Just to recap a few of the things we’ve done: we visited two different refugee camps in the area, bringing relief supplies and spending time building relationships. We helped put on a language learning club for adults, and another one for kids. We shared our faith with local students, one on one, in some nearby neighborhoods. We helped out at a church with some service projects. We have done a mountain of praying for any and every reason we can think of. And we have listened to the stories and journeys of the long term ministry leaders who have been faithfully laboring here for years.

Today we are splitting up and are off to three different churches. Later, we’ll head back out to the streets to share the gospel with the local youth, and that will conclude our outreach for this trip. Tomorrow we turn our hearts toward home, and begin to process what these experiences mean for us, and how move forward in our lives with new perspective.

We’d love for you to be praying for our time out on the streets this afternoon. Pray especially for courage and boldness. Please also pray for our day of debriefing, that the Lord, would lay on our hearts the lessons He wants us to take away from this experience.

Thank you again for praying us through this trip. To our families, see you Tuesday!

Job and the SBS France team.

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