As we begin to wrap up our ministry time in Skopje, our schedule allowed us to have some time to visit one of the most iconic man-made landmarks of the city.
The millennium cross overlooks the entire city of Skopje, Macedonia. Because it is lit up at night it can be seen from the entire city night and day.
A 20 minute drive up the mountain side takes you to a place, where for a small fee, you can take a five-minute, six person gondola ride up to the foot of the cross.
The massive cross was intentionally built 33 meters high representing the 33 years of Christ’s life. The very base of it is built upon 12 pillars, representing the 12 apostles. The upper base is built upon four large pillars representing the four Gospels. After enjoying the view of the cross and the city below on one side of the mountain and hundreds of miles of Valley on the other direction, we separated and enjoyed doing our quiet time with the breathtaking views before us. It was an amazing experience enjoyed by all.

Just in: FYI in case you haven’t heard, a 5.3 earthquake struck Greece today. Its epicenter was near the north part of Athens. However, it’s something that has NOT affected our Royal Servant Team in anyway as we are hours north of that area…near the northern border of another country,
North Macedonia.
So all is well here, and if it weren’t for the news report we wouldn’t have even known that it had happened!(-:
Let’s Be praying though for all those in Greece who WERE affected though.
-Dave Eikenberry, Greece/North Macedonia Trip Leader

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