It’s 2016-seriously, How Hard Is It To Find A Phone!?

Hands down, the hardest part of sending your student on a missions trip is not being packed into their backpack to experience it with them!

We understand! Many of us have sent our own kids on teams before. Remember the story I told you about my 12 year old going on Royal Servants? His ONE and ONLY phone call home ALL summer was (and I quote), “Hi Mom! Guess what? I just used a real toilet for the first time this summer!” end of call. No great faith stories, no gushy missing me…he used a toilet?! Granted, they were in the hills of Transylvania, Romania. But, that was it!??!

I was used to lots of texting, lots of phone contact and he was always just an email away. It’s time for a great big parent reality check. Communicating overseas is still difficult. Most teams will not have the luxury of unlimited internet access or phone time. Even if students just take a few minutes, it can take hours for an entire team to contact home.

Some teams will have limited email contact yet other teams will be on the move and in campgrounds where there isn’t a phone or internet café, or they are in an area where there is limited access. It’s just hard to predict.

Plan on not hearing from your student via email or phone (daily or weekly) and be surprised by joy if they happen to be able to communicate. And, we need to remember as parents, this is their summer with God. They should and need to be focused on what they are doing not on home. Too much contact with home can distract them from what they are doing for the Kingdom and growing spiritually.

Teams will send in updates and communication that we will post on the website. We will pass on any information we receive via our Facebook and website. Sign up here to receive notices when updates are posted »

Looking back, I am thankful I haven’t been able to jump in and rescue my kids from their struggles and I’m thankful for their focus has been on where God had called them. It has really helped them grow into the people they are today. I see where God provided for them and their faith grew because they turned to Him instead of me. What a hard and beautiful lesson to learn as a parent.

Our Mission Trip Leaders have 24/7 access in case of emergency. We have a staff team in the United States taking emergency calls around the clock and they will be able to contact our teams any time and any place. (Here is a link to our Emergency Contact number ») We know that the ability to connect in the case of a family emergency or life changing event is CRITICAL and we always make that happen.

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Kristen McHargue


  1. Paula Francis July 1, 2013 at 2:15 pm

    Thank you for the reminder, Kristen! My oldest son was on the Euroquest team last summer and the most frequent question I had to answer from friends and family was, “Doesn’t it bother you? Aren’t you worried about him since you haven’t heard from him?” But I had prepared myself for weeks to experience a communication drought … so I was at peace, and I rested first in the knowledge that God was in control, and then in the amazing reputation and experience of the Royal Servants/Reign Ministries organization. Now, this summer, my youngest son is on the Ireland team and the questions are already coming. My answer remains unchanged. Just as you said, this is his summer with the Lord and I, too, am thankful not to be a distraction! Rest easy, parents … your sons and daughters are in good hands … the Lord’s almighty hands!!

  2. A few years ago my son went on EuroQuest, I got one phone call, it went like this, “Mom, hi, I’m in Italy, we are by some river having this weird ice cream.”

    Learn to be content knowing they are in the Lord’s hands. They will be full of stories when they get back.

  3. Steven Williams July 1, 2013 at 5:31 pm

    We pray conrinually for our child and their team, but we use those moments of longing to hear from our child as a reminder to stop and pray right then. Remember parents, as much as you live them . . .the Lord loves them even more. And this summer their relationship will grow expotentially deeper as they focus full attention on Him and His calling upon their lives. This is now our third summer and we have two children going to separate parts of the world.

    We tell friends these are summers to grow our faith as well! Learn to: “Let go, and let God.”

    Your family will grow closer to one another and closer to the Lord because of it.