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Job Opportunities with Reign Ministries


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At Reign Ministries we are looking for people with a passion for discipleship and missions.  We believe youth will make a difference in the world and we want to invest in this generation of students.  Our ministry is family focused and we want to place people in positions where they will thrive and not just survive.

We are a faith based organization and all of our staff raise support for their ministry and living expenses.  We provide coaching and training for staff as they raise their support, we have seen God provide in amazing ways!  Don’t let fear of raising support stop you from serving where God is leading you.

Our most wanted list:

  • Individuals passionate about discipleship, students, and missions
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Self-starters with teachable hearts
  • Willingness to develop a support team
  • Experienced youth, missions, or ministry leaders
  • Accounting, administrative, development, graphics, web, writing, marketing, IT, HR/Personnel experience
  • College students looking for internships in photography, youth ministry, and journalism.

Digital Communication Specialist

You will need a good understanding of all aspects of digital communications and social media and be able to keep up to date with new developments as they happen. It is a fast-moving field, so you must be quick to learn new things, particularly on the technical side. A passion for story-telling is extremely valuable as you will be shaping how people view our brand. Other important skills are teamwork and persuasiveness. Digital communications is a relatively new discipline, so you will often need to explain it to other staff members and get them to see its merits. Finally, you will need general business awareness, management and communication skills and flexibility of schedule. Objectives: Your objectives will involve developing digital communication strategies and overseeing their implementation. You will be a key component in driving our ministry to look forward, formulating plans, developing strategies that will help us take full advantages of the continuing advancements in digital media. You will also be responsible for generating monthly or weekly analytics report on social media impressions to measure effectiveness and pinpoint areas for growth. You will work with other members of the media team and directly with the Brand Coordinator to produce fully integrated online and offline campaigns. The digital element of these campaigns could include email marketing -- for which you would collate mailing lists, send out campaigns and measure results -- and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Digital Media, Journalism or similar field
  • Five years of professional related experience
  • Strong written and communication skills, graphic design and video skills preferred

    Administration: Development, Facilities, Finance, IT, Media Services, and Mobilization Staff

    The Development, Facilities, Finance, IT, Media Services, and Mobilization departments handle the administrative and logistical tasks of the ministry. If you are interested in these areas, we will explore your best fit prior to the interview process. Staff are required to raise their funding as faith based missionaries.

    The Development team uses creative resources to invite people to financially partner with Reign Ministries. We need people with excellent PR skills who love connecting with others. Strong written and verbal communication skills are required, in addition to experience and/or related education.

    Development role involves:

    • Fund raising for capital campaigns
    • Appeal letters
    • Working with our alumni to create a sustainable donor base for the ministry

    Facilities Coordinator ensures Reign Ministries’ headquarters operates efficiently by planning, maintaining and overseeing building & grounds and related services. Areas of oversight include security, cleaning, maintenance, vehicles, purchasing, and waste disposal. Strong communication, management, and organization skills are required.

    This role includes:

    • Coordinating and managing improvement projects
    • Ensuring the building meets health and safety requirements
    • Supervising and coordinating work of contractors

    The Finance department serves others by efficiently caring for their finances. We have limited roles in this area and persons serving in finance need to exhibit attention to detail and an ability to work independently. Finance staff works in Sales Force, Excel, QuickBooks and other computer programs for their jobs. Previous knowledge of these programs is helpful.

    Tasks include:

    • Tracking and preparing all of the donations sent to Reign Ministries
    • Payroll, accounts receivable and payable

    IT is looking for people that are interested in making it work! We have a variety of platforms and technical items that need attention.

    This job consists of:

    • Training the staff team in all things computer
    • Maximizing the equipment we have to provide for IT needs
    • Clearly communicating and explaining technical concepts to other staff

    Media Services engages the public with all things media! We are looking for creative, out-of-the-box thinkers who have a passion for design and connecting with others. Media and marketing experience is required.

    Media roles may include:

    • Website maintenance and updates
    • Designing printed material for the different divisions
    • Maintaining a strong social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

    Mobilization staff cares for our staff team. Mobilization is looking for people with a background in administrative jobs or that have a heart to serve others. Strong written and verbal skills are required. Human Resources or related experience would be beneficial.

    This role may include:

    • Interviewing, hiring and training of new staff
    • Caring for the interpersonal health of our team
    • Coaching of new staff in the support development process

    Royal Servants Mission Trip Leader

    Trip Leaders have backgrounds in missions, youth leadership, and church ministry, or have volunteered in youth related ministries. We prefer a minimum of two years’ leadership experience for this position, but we do provide training. All trips are led by fully trained Reign Ministries’ staff, not by volunteers.

    Our Mission Trip Leaders live throughout the United States and Canada, with a cluster of leaders at our headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    Responsibilities may include:

    • Recruitment: Speaking at local youth groups, churches, and schools throughout the academic year.
    • Networking: Building relationships with area youth pastors and churches. Some of our staff lead mission trips during breaks for local schools.
    • Royal Servants Trip leadership (June-August): Teaching and facilitating discussions, navigating students through challenging and life-changing cross-cultural experiences, and overseeing all aspects of health, food, and finances for a team.

    You will be responsible for the development of your ministry throughout the school year. This role requires personal management, a heart for discipleship, spiritual maturity, and extensive training. You will begin by learning the culture and purposes of Reign Ministries, as well as establishing contacts and networking throughout your area. Staff are required to raise their support as faith missionaries. We require that Mission Trip Leaders be at least 25 years of age and undergo 1-3 summers of training prior to leading independently.

    Kairos Discipleship School Staff

    You have an opportunity to develop students ages 18-25 in a discipleship school environment.  Kairos uses a variety of learning environments, internationally known speakers, mission’s experiences and more to train the next generation of Kingdom minded leaders.

    Kairos Discipleship School leaders approach tasks as a team.  They work together to cover:

    • Administrative: Processing students, prepping for the classroom and grading assignments as well as traditional administrative tasks.
    • Small Group Leadership: Students are all assigned to Small Groups for the length of the school.  Staff lead small group discussions, host events and process the year with their group.
    • Missions Experiences: Kairos hosts multiple missions experiences throughout the year.  The team will plan, prepare and lead the students through each mission’s trip.
    • Outdoor leadership: We will work with the students as they proceed through multiple leadership training exercises including a high ropes course, training for a 5K, camping and backpacking and many more.  Each experience will include a leadership training exercise and debriefing after the event.

    Royal Servants Summer College Internships

    Positions Available include:  journalism, photography and youth ministry

    As an intern you will be facilitating a variety of activities related to missions. You will serve on a team under the leadership of an experienced staff member. Prior to the start of your internship we will create a job description that meets the requirements of your educational program. All of our internships are customized to individual needs.

    You will also serve as a discipleship group leader with 2-5 students placed in your life group.  Each day you will study God’s word, pray and lead discussion times with your group.  You will also participate in the outreach activities of the team.

    At the end of the internship you will debrief with a time of testimonies and reflection. Interns are required to raise their support as faith missionaries or volunteer.

    Photography Internship: Serving on a Royal Servants Missions Team

    As an intern your job will be to capture what happens on the mission’s team through pictures and video if possible.  You will serve on a team under the leadership of an experienced staff and serve in other areas as needed.  Most interns also serve as discipleship group leaders.

    It is a fast paced, creative and exciting job. Photo interns provide their own equipment.  Prior to the start of your internship we will create a job description that meets the requirements of your educational program (if needed). All of our internships are customized to fit individual needs.  At the end of the internship you will debrief with a time of testimonies and reflection. Interns are required to raise their support as faith missionaries or volunteer.