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Kairos – Seattle

It’s Seattle, and for those of you with a coffee addiction, it’s a great place to be. There’s a coffee shop on every corner and in every parking lot. Ok, not really, but it seems like it! Seattle is a great gap year location! There are breathtaking mountains to hike, old-growth forests to explore, and unlimited islands to kayak to within the Puget Sound. We pack a lot into eight months!

this-oneseattle-missionsKairos Seattle’s international mission trip destination is Costa Rica. Deep rainforests, high mountains, and beautiful beaches are all part of a three week mission trip to the beautiful country of Costa Rica! You will serve alongside a local church to share the Gospel, minister to children, and develop the body of Christ. You will experience the true “Tico” culture while sharing meals with the locals (get ready for rice and beans). Costa Rica is full of amazing people, and you will learn more than just their names as you get to know them as friends, all while sharing your own story with them over a cup of some of the world’s finest coffee!Close

Backpacking and Camping


Have you ever taken a five-day backpacking trip through the Grand Canyon? You will! Together with your Kairos Seattle teammates, you will spend five days trekking through the canyon, carrying on your back everything you need to survive the journey. Challenging? You bet! But backpacking is a great way to experience God, learn about leadership, and physically challenge yourself.

Rock Climbing


Early in the school year, we will take a five-day rock climbing trip where you will learn how to belay, climb, and rappel. Never climbed before? Don’t worry, we work within your level of comfort and help you take steps forward (or upward in this case)! Climbing is going to teach you a lot about faith, trust, and courage. And when you are done climbing for the day, good food, a campfire, and deep conversation will put the finishing touches on a memorable experience!

Sea Kayaking


The whole Kairos class will embark on a multi-day trip in the absolutely incredible San Juan Islands! You’ll work together with other Kairos students to plan, prepare, and make the trip a reality. God will use kayaking to not only develop your physical leadership skills, but your spiritual leadership as well. Sea kayaking can be one of the most peaceful ways to encounter God, especially when you have the possibility of kayaking next to Orca whales!


We want you to learn how to stay healthy in your daily lives, as well as prepare for all of these awesome outdoor trips and activities. Therefore, you will be working out 3-4 times a week to build your stamina and fitness level. Kairos Seattle is a great environment to establish healthy habits for your life, as you will be surrounded by other people doing exactly the same thing!

Although no previous experience is required for the outdoor sports, we expect you to arrive with a good base fitness level. Running two miles without stopping or steadily hiking five miles (with a 20 lbs. backpack) are examples of acceptable “base fitness levels”. If you have any questions about the physical requirements of this program, please email the Kairos Seattle school leader, Brian Meaden (


An essential part of the discipleship process you’ll experience in Kairos comes through the dynamic teachings you’ll receive. On an almost daily basis, you’ll sit underneath dynamic biblical teaching from pastors, university professors, missionaries, and business professionals who have a passion for Christ. These speakers will not only encourage and challenge you in your relationship with Christ, but in your relationships with those around you. You’ll grow in your understanding of who God is, of who you are in Christ, and your role in the expansion of His Kingdom.

Listed below is a sample course list of topics covered during the school year:
  • Overview of the Old and New Testament
  • A Lifestyle of Worship and Prayer
  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • Identity in Christ
  • Youth Ministry
  • Church History
  • Biblical Worldview
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • The Father Heart of God
  • Forgiveness and Reconciliation
  • Missions & Evangelism
  • Biblical Leadership
  • Theology
  • World Religions
  • Relationships and Dating

The application process consists of submitting your online application, a $50 application fee, three reference forms, background check, and health history form. These forms will be emailed to you once your application is submitted or you can download them from the website here. Once we receive these forms you will hear of your acceptance to the program. Click here to download these forms online.

The Kairos program creates a learning environment that will challenge participants physically, spiritually, and mentally. Students who are interested in the program are encouraged to apply early. If space is full in one of our Kairos school locations (Minneapolis or Seattle) you may be asked to switch school locations. If both schools are full, students can be added to a wait-list. All applicants need to exhibit servant leadership, a desire for spiritual growth, and a teachable spirit. There is no prerequisite required for skills in any outdoor or wilderness activities. We want to meet students where they are at and help them attain new skills. While there isn’t any prior experience needed, students must be at a fitness level where they can run two miles without stopping or be able to hike five miles with a 20 lbs. backpack.


A deposit of $550 is due on August 15th. This will secure a student's spot in the school. Students are encouraged to secure their spot sooner than the due date.

All fees are broken down into four payments throughout the year:

  • August 15 - $550
  • September 5 - $4000
  • January 3 - $4000
  • April 2 - $1750
  • Total for Kairos Seattle: $10,300
  Additional Expenses (Approximate):
  • Suggested spending money - $50/month
  • Gear for trips - $200-$500
  • Gas/transportation - $45-65 month
  • Travel between home and school
  • Application fee - $50
(*These due dates and fees are subject to change. **Deposit refundable if another student is able to take their spot.)

Along with personal contribution students are encouraged to raise support for Kairos. This is a great opportunity for friends and family to be involved in your life and missions. Once accepted, you will receive a support raising kit that guides you through the process.


Kairos Seattle participates in many outdoor and wilderness activities throughout the year. Much of the specialty gear will be provided (i.e. rock climbing gear, kayaks, etc.), but you will also need several items to navigate the year successfully!


Each student is responsible for transportation to and from the school by either a car, bike, or local transit (when available). Students may live anywhere from 5-20 miles away from the school. If you are unable to provide transportation for yourself, you may request a variance. If available, you may be placed in a carpool with another student. All carpool students are required to pay an additional fee to the driver weekly.

Everyday Items:
  • Bible and journal
  • Towels
  • Toiletries
  • Alarm clock
  • Laundry bag
  • Camera
  • Spending money
  • Clothes
  • Other personal items
School Supplies
  • Laptop or Tablet (Strongly recommended)
  • USB memory card
  • Pens, highlighters, note paper, etc.
Outdoor Clothing
  • Shell layer (top and bottom): waterproof and breathable jacket and pants
  • Insulating layer (top and bottom): fleece, wool, down, or acrylic
  • Base layer (top and bottom): polypropylene, synthetic, silk, or nylon
  • Socks: at least two pairs of wool socks
  • Hiking Boots: must be waterproof and suitable for seven day trips
  • Lightweight gloves
  • Winter hat: fleece or wool beanie
Outdoor Gear
  • Backpack: for trips up to seven days, 60-90 L
  • Day pack: for day trips, 30-40 L
  • Sleeping bag: rated 15 degrees Fahrenheit or colder
  • Sleeping pad: closed cell or self-inflating pad (ie. Therm-o-rest)
  • Head lamp
  • Water bottles: two water containers holding at least 24 oz each
  • Pocket knife
  • Plate, bowl, and utensils
Miscellaneous (optional)
  • Guitar or other musical instrument
  • Sporting equipment
  • Trekking poles: for those who may have joint pain/problems
A Note on Wilderness Gear and Clothes:

There are many different places to purchase clothes and gear. You can often find items at thrift stores or consignment shops. Look for things on sale! Be economical in your purchases, but do not cut cost in the areas of your sleeping bag, shell layers, sleeping pad, and hiking shoes. Here are a few web sites we recommend. You can also contact our staff to ask specific questions. R E I, Sierra Trading Post, The Clymb, Camp Mor, Back Country

If you live close enough to a REI, contact them and ask if they are having a “Garage Sale” soon. It depends on location, but they usually have quarterly sales in which they sell used gear that has been returned for some reason. You must be a member; and although you cannot return purchased “garage sale” items, you can often find great deals on gently used products!

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Kairos partners with Oak Hills Christian College (OHCC) in Bemidji, MN. OHCC recognizes the value and importance of a discipleship school. Students who attend and graduate Kairos in good standing can be granted transfer credits to OHCC. OHCC is committed to working diligently to grant the most generous transfer possible for all Kairos students. In addition to the transfer credits, they will offer a $2,000 scholarship to all Kairos students. For more information about OHCC visit their website at


For students planning on furthering their education after Kairos, colleges and universities may grant credits for your course work and training from a program such as ours, but they require you to provide the proper documentation. The field of study that a student chooses to go into can also determine whether credits will be given. The student is responsible for contacting their school and/or academic advisor regarding receiving academic credit. We will provide the student with the proper academic documentation that may be required. While you are able to receive credit for graduating Kairos, we are not an accredited school.


Dates & Tuition

Dates: September 10, 2017 – May 12, 2018

Tuition: $10,300 (See more details of tuition requirements under our "FEES". )

School Leader of Kairos Seattle

  • Brian Meaden - Full Bio >>
  • My wife Beth and I lead mission trips in the summer and work with Kairos Discipleship School - Seattle during the school year. I love using the outdoors, wilderness, and missions to help students understand how they can do life with God and join Him in sharing His Story.
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