Kairos’ Student Highlight – Meet Nate (Minneapolis)!

What is one way you’ve seen yourself change this past year at Kairos?
“One way I’ve really changed is maturing in my faith and really being a better leader. I feel like I’ve been led well here at Kairos, and I feel like I’m better equipped now to lead others.”
What is one thing that has helped in your leadership development?
“One thing was the Boundary Waters trip that we just got back from. That really helped me see what a leader has to do, how they prepare things, etc.. I feel like after that trip I gained a ton of respect for leaders that are leading me – seeing all the behind the scenes stuff of what happens. I appreciate and respect them much more now that I’ve seen all that they do.”
What has been the primary theme of what God has been teaching you this year?
“Something I’ve really learned is how we have to have our desires after God. We can’t live our faith without Him. We can’t try to do it on our own. We have to truly just want God more than the things of the world to be able to live out our faith. With the things that our sinful nature wants, we really have to want God more than those things. I’ve been convicted with that more this year than I ever have. Am I loving God more than the things of the world? So, that’s something I’m really going to take away from this year.”
Now that you are about to graduate, what are you most looking forward to outside of Kairos?
“[I’m] looking to disciple. I feel like I’ve been discipled through this whole season. I just feel like discipling others is something I’m really excited for – just being able to use what I’ve learned to be able to teach others. One of the scripture verses talks about now that you’ve heard all the teachings, now go out and teach others what God has already commanded us. That’s something that has just really stuck with me, and I think I will really take away from the year as well.”

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