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When you think of Minneapolis, do you have images of snow and frozen tundra? Think again! Did you know that Minneapolis is consistently rated the #1 Bicycle Friendly City in the U.S. (92 miles of dedicated bike trails alone) or that in 2015 Northeast Minneapolis was voted Best Arts District in the nation? This diverse, creative city is filled with opportunities to learn and explore. Whether you enjoy the outdoors, learning about different cultures, or participating in the arts, Minneapolis is an ideal discipleship training school location.

While in Kairos, you will have many opportunities to engage in ministry and directly apply what you are learning in class. You will be interning weekly at a local church and volunteering with a variety of ministries and organizations. Along with your classmates, you’ll be in charge of developing, leading, and debriefing your own mission trip in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. In addition to local ministry, Kairos Minneapolis joins with Kairos Seattle in Los Angeles to serve those who are hungry, homeless, and in need of God’s love.

Kairos Minneapolis’ international mission trip destination is the mountainous country of Honduras. You and your teammates will hike five hours through a rain forest and up a mountain to some of the rural villages situated in the remote Opalaca Mountains. You’ll take the Gospel to an unreached, ancient Indian tribe who live in villages so remote that your gear will need to be hauled in by mules. On this mission trip, you’ll experience and demonstrate God’s love and compassion as you help build homes for some of the poor villagers, provide discipleship training to locals, run Bible clubs for village children, and even play a little soccer. Get ready to trek to a part of the world very few people have ever been!

Through serving here, near, and far, you’ll get a greater glimpse of how God is working around the world.


Minneapolis is a city bursting with creativity and culture. It has art museums, orchestras, theaters, and amazing ethnic diversity. In fact, when it comes to theater, Minneapolis is second only to New York. In addition to the missions and outdoor components, Kairos Minneapolis blends in an arts and culture focus to the class.


Each month you and your classmates will be experiencing a new element of the Minneapolis art scene. One month you’ll be hanging out with Matisse at the Institute of Arts, and the next you’ll be relaxing with Mozart and the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra at the Ordway Center for Performing Arts. Perhaps you will even watch one of Shakespeare’s plays at the Guthrie Theater. For some of you, this just may be a bit outside of your comfort zone….and that’s the way we like it! There is so much to see and do in Minneapolis. You’ll never be bored.


Going to the nations doesn’t always mean leaving home; it can also happen right in your own city. The Minneapolis-St. Paul area has dozens of distinct ethnic and cultural people groups. One of the many things that makes Minnesota unique is that it’s home to the nation’s largest population of Somali and Hmong people. You will have the opportunity to explore the diversity of Minneapolis in a variety of ways whether visiting a local mosque, exploring “the mall of Somalia,” or going to the Global Market to experience ethnic foods from around the world.


Kairos Discipleship School is a journey filled with new experiences, new people, and new places, adding up to eight months of incredible adventure! We believe that an important part of learning occurs outside the classroom, giving you the chance to practically apply what you have been learning. Minnesota is known for its beautiful lakes, outdoor recreational activities, as well as its diverse arts and entertainment culture. During the year, you will participate in a variety of experiences which will allow you to learn more about God, leadership, and relationships in the context of the outdoors and the fine arts that is uniquely Minnesota!

Trekking the Superior Hiking Trail:


Fall in Minnesota is absolutely gorgeous; the reds and yellows of maple, birch, and poplar trees seem to explode in a palette of color! You and your Kairos teammates will experience the colors first-hand as you spend four days and nights on Minnesota’s rugged North Shore, hiking among the hills and cliffs of Lake Superior – the largest lake on the planet. It will be the perfect setting to begin to discuss the foundations of discipleship and be introduced to the concept of spiritual disciplines, including silence and solitude. There are few things better than the community that happens when you sit around a campfire at night, roasting marshmallows and eating s’mores!

Canoeing the Boundary Waters:


The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is a unique and primitive wilderness located on the Minnesota and Canadian border. With over 1,100 federally protected, non-motorized lakes, you’ll get a taste of Northern Minnesota solitude, amazing canoeing, and quiet nights under a brilliant, star-filled sky. You and your classmates will take part in planning, preparing, and organizing the Kairos Boundary Waters trip in the spring. This trip will not only stretch you physically as you paddle and portage through the rugged wilderness but also challenge you to grow in your spiritual and interpersonal leadership skills.


We want you to learn how to stay healthy in your daily lives, as well as be physically prepared for the expedition and mission trips. There is no base fitness level required for Kairos Minneapolis. However, you will be working out 3-4 times a week to build your stamina and fitness level, develop healthy life habits, and enable you to enjoy all of our outdoor and mission experiences!


As you may have noticed Kairos Minneapolis is often busy throughout the year outside the classroom with Missions, Expeditions and exploring Arts & Culture. When you do have a regular week at Kairos Minneapolis you’ll participate in worship, prayer, small groups, discussion time, church internship, local outreach and fun activities together. Outside of class time, you will be working on memory verses, reading through the Bible, and writing reflection papers on some great books you’ll read throughout the year.

An essential part of the discipleship process you will experience in Kairos comes through dynamic teachings. On an almost daily basis, you’ll receive biblical teaching from pastors, university professors, missionaries, and business professionals who have a passion for Christ. These speakers will not only encourage and challenge you in your relationship with Christ, but also in your relationships with those around you. You’ll grow in your understanding of who God is, who you are in Christ, and your role in the expansion of His Kingdom.

Listed below is a sample course list of topics covered during the school year:
  • Overview of the Old and New Testament
  • A Lifestyle of Worship and Prayer
  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • Identity in Christ
  • Youth Ministry
  • Church History
  • Biblical Worldview
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • The Father Heart of God
  • Forgiveness and Reconciliation
  • Missions & Evangelism
  • Biblical Leadership
  • Theology
  • World Religions
  • Relationships and Dating

The application process consists of submitting your online application, a $50 application fee, three reference forms, background check, and health history form. These forms will be emailed to you once your application is submitted or you can download them from the website here. Once we receive these forms you will hear of your acceptance to the program. Click here to download these forms online.

The Kairos program creates a learning environment that will challenge participants physically, spiritually, and mentally. Students who are interested in the program are encouraged to apply early, as school locations fill up. If space is full at your prefered Kairos school location (Minneapolis or Seattle), you may be able to switch locations if space is still available. If both schools are full, students can be added to a wait-list. All applicants need to exhibit servant leadership, a desire for spiritual growth, and a teachable spirit. For Kairos Minneapolis there are no prerequisite skills required for any outdoor or wilderness activities. We want to meet students where they are at and help them attain new skills.


After being accepted to Kairos Discipleship School a deposit of $550 reserves your spot. The final deadline for this deposit is August 15th, but students are encouraged to get the deposit in as soon as possible to secure their spot.

All fees are broken down into four payments throughout the year:

  • August 15 - $550 (Deposit)
  • September 10 - $4000
  • January 2 - $4100
  • April 1 - $1850
  • Total for Kairos Minneapolis: $10,500
  Additional Expenses (Approximate):
  • Suggested spending money - $50/month
  • Gear for trips - $100-$300
  • Gas/transportation - $40-$50 month
  • Travel between home and school
  • Application fee - $50
*These due dates and fees are subject to change.

Along with personal contribution students are encouraged to raise support for Kairos. This is a great opportunity for friends and family to be involved in your life and missions. Once accepted, you will receive a support raising kit that guides you through the process.


Kairos Minneapolis participates in many outdoor activities and expedition trips throughout the year. Much of the specialty gear will be provided (tents, backpacks, canoes, etc.), but you will also need personal gear including hiking boots, sleeping bag and mat, and outdoor clothing. We have limited quantities of sleeping bags and mats available to rent for a minimal fee if you choose to not purchase your own.


We strongly recommend bringing a vehicle, if at all possible. You are responsible for your own transportation to and from class each day. If you do not have a vehicle, you will need to carpool with a student who does. Students in a carpool provide funds each week to the driver to cover the cost of gas (dependent upon current gas prices). If you do bring a car, know that you may have to be a driver for other students. If not enough students bring a vehicle to Kairos, you will need to figure out transportation via public transportation.


Kairos partners with Oak Hills Christian College (OHCC) in Bemidji, MN. OHCC recognizes the value and importance of a discipleship school. Students who attend and graduate Kairos in good standing can be granted transfer credits to OHCC. OHCC is committed to working diligently to grant the most generous transfer possible for all Kairos students. In addition to the transfer credits, they will offer a $2,000 scholarship to all Kairos students. For more information about OHCC visit their website at


For students planning on furthering their education after Kairos, colleges and universities may grant credits for your coursework and training from a program such as ours, but they require you to provide the proper documentation. The field of study that a student chooses to go into can also determine whether credits will be given. The student is responsible for contacting their school and/or academic advisor regarding receiving academic credit. We will provide the student with the proper academic documentation that may be required. While you are able to receive credit for graduating Kairos, we are not an accredited school.


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Dates & Tuition

Dates: September 16, 2018 – May 25, 2019

Tuition: $10,500 (See more details of tuition requirements under our "FEES". )

Director of Kairos

  • Erika Zimmerman- Full Bio >>
  • I am from Madison, Wisconsin. In 2003 I joined Reign Ministries to help start and staff the Kairos Discipleship School and became Director in 2011 for Kairos Minneapolis! I love seeing lives transformed as they passionately pursue God with all their heart.

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Dates & Tuition

Dates: September 9, 2018 – May 11, 2019

Tuition: $10,500 (See more details of tuition requirements under our "FEES". )

School Leader of Kairos Seattle

  • Brian Meaden - Full Bio >>
  • My wife Beth and I lead mission trips in the summer and work with Kairos Discipleship School - Seattle during the school year. I love using the outdoors, wilderness, and missions to help students understand how they can do life with God and join Him in sharing His Story.


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