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Transportation and Travel

Getting to Training Camp

There are three options for you to get to Training Camp in Wisconsin, which one best fits you?

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Traveling Home

We want you to get home safely and smoothly, click here to see our procedures as you return home from your mission trip.

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Book & Reimburse

Here is some help on how to book your domestic travel and if you raise more funds how to get reimbursed from your mission trip.

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Getting to Training Camp

The published cost of the summer trip covers food (most, but not every, meal), transportation, and lodging once a person arrives to begin the trip. The published cost does not include spending dollars or domestic travel (to and from Chicago). Each participant must provide for their own transportation to Training Camp. All the teams will assemble as a whole group at a church in the Chicago area before leaving together for Training Camp.

Please Note: We discourage the use of the bus or train as your primary transportation. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet anyone at the Chicago bus or train station should you choose this option.

You will be receiving specific flight information in the Updated Mission Trip Schedule, sent out late April. This will enable you to book domestic flights in coordination with your international flight.

You have three transportation options to Training Camp:


Drive to Training Camp

Training Camp is in Pardeeville, WI, which is about 20 minutes east of Portage and 40 miles northeast of Madison, WI. Pardeeville is a small farming community with a population of about 2,000 people. You may drive directly to Training Camp if you wish. However, we suggest that, if possible, you meet with the team that is assembling in Chicago. You will then travel to Training Camp together with the rest of your team. This time traveling as a team is an important bonding experience!

Again, we will send out the arrival time and location of camp in the Updated Mission Trip Schedule in late April.


Flying to Chicago

We realize that you want to book your flight as early as possible to get the best fare. However, international flight schedules often change, forcing those who have booked their domestic flights too early to change tickets and pay a penalty. The problem is not in coming to Training Camp, but on the return home at the end of the mission trip. Therefore, we ask that you wait to book your domestic flights until we send out the Updated Mission Trip Schedule.

Once you arrive in Chicago, you will be met by a Royal Servants representative at the baggage claim area. After this, things happen fast. Hundreds of students arrive within a short period of time; we help you locate your luggage, load you on a shuttle, and transport you to the church where we all will gather. Once at the church we will get you registered, and finally get you to your teams to begin meeting fellow team members!



Driving to Chicago

If you plan on driving to Chicago, the address of the church we will be meeting at will be included on the Updated Mission Trip Schedule sent out late April.

Traveling Home

There are two options on how to get home after a Royal Servants Mission Trip:


Pick-Up in Chicago:

If you are being picked up in Chicago at the O’Hare International Airport, you will receive the flight information and arrival times in the Updated Mission Trip Schedule sent out late April. Please note that it can take up to 2 hours to get through customs on international flights.


Fly Home

If you are taking a domestic flight home from Chicago, there are a few things you’ll need to know.

Please note that clearing customs, changing terminals, and rechecking your bags takes approximately 2 hours. So, when booking your domestic ticket, you’ll need to leave plenty of time to get through customs, check in and get to the next flight. Royal Servants asks that you book the first available flight home on the day the team arrives back in the USA. Please do not delay your flight home until the next day.

Note: We are not able to transport participants to Chicago’s Midway Airport at the end of the mission trip. Those flying out of Midway can catch the direct shuttle-bus service offered by Coach USA. The shuttle leaves from the baggage claim area of O’Hare Airport. There will be signs labeled “Bus/Shuttle Center” to follow. This service costs around $25.00. Make sure you leave a minimum of 4 hours between landing at O’Hare and your connecting flight at Midway!

Baggage Fees: Most domestic flights add a baggage fee for checked luggage. When possible, we will get checked bags from our international location to the participant’s final destination to avoid this charge. However, issues frequently arise when working with international carriers and they are often unable and/or unwilling to do this.

Therefore it is very important to check with your airlines and bring a pre-paid Visa card (airlines no longer take cash), with enough funds on the card to cover the baggage fee for your flight home from Chicago O’Hare. Reign Ministries staff will not have extra funds to help pay for baggage fees.

Food Money:If you are flying home from Chicago, we highly recommend that you also put money on your pre-paid Visa card to purchase meals while at the airport; flights could get delayed, cancelled, or you could just simply be hungry while waiting for your next flight! We suggest adding an additional $15-$20, on top of your baggage fee. Again, Reign Ministries staff will not have extra funds to help pay for baggage fees or food.

Booking & Reimbursement


Where to book a flight

For those flying to Chicago, we strongly recommend you purchase airline tickets through John Gossen at Bursch Travel (800.645.2331). You are free to book your domestic tickets any way you choose but there are strong reasons to book through John. Please click here to learn more about booking through John Gossen at Bursch Travel.


How to Get Reimbursed?

Each of our mission trips requires you to raise funds to cover your airfare, ground fees, and spending money. Often students will raise more than required. Per our Excess Contributions and Support Policies in your prep-packet, excess funds can be:

  • Used to help other students who are having difficulty raising enough.
  • Held for another mission trip the following year.
  • Used to help pay for your domestic travel.

After your mission trip:

  • Complete this Reimbursement Form.
  • Attach a copy of the receipt or itinerary stating the purchase price of your domestic air ticket. The receipt must be in the name of the participating student parent or guardian.
  • Send the form and the receipt to our Finance department at our Minneapolis headquarters and Reign Ministries will return a check through the mail to you.