Raising Money Isn’t Easy

Raising money is no easy task. Especially in light of this global pandemic. Was it meant to be easy? I don’t think so, but was anything in the Christian life ever meant to be easy? Raising money (for anything) is hard, uncomfortable, awkward, and intimidating. And all of these feelings are amplified right now as you are making plans to reach out to people during this global crisis. It’s also rewarding, joyful, and stretching. And fear does not control us; although, we do need to be wise about our ask in light of COVID-19. I don’t know where you fall on this spectrum today but my hope is that you walk away from this conversation approaching this task with a different mindset. A mindset that is shifted from fear to faith; from timidity to boldness; and, from pressure to surrender.  

Common Misconceptions

Some common misconceptions about raising money are that an individual can do this alone and provide their own way rather than relying on others, that everyone is already tapped out with their own finances, or that living off others’ financial support means you have to scrape by to live. These misconceptions pale in comparison to what the Scriptures teach us about seeking the financial support of other people.


Nehemiah 2:1-9

Nehemiah was bold and specific in his requests of King Artaxerxes. His courage and boldness doesn’t diminish the fact that he still had feelings of being scared or nervous, but he spent a few months in prayer about his requests before he made them.

Luke 8:1-3

Jesus Himself relied on God the Father and other people, including women, to provide for His needs during His ministry here on earth. Several women actually supported Him during his ministry. Women were not valued or highly-esteemed in biblical times, so because Jesus showed He valued and cared for them, they supported His mission.

1 Corinthians 9:14

Paul was communicating here that one who is a minister of the Word of God (not just a pastor), should be supported monetarily by those he serves. They have the same goals for their income (including pastors) as those in the congregation do (save for retirement, emergency fund, provide for needs, and establish financial security). 


Let’s take God at His living Word and trust it. Trust Him. Trust HIS process. 


Amidst COVID-19, God still wants to use this support raising process. He still wants to stir in the hearts of His people to give financially and support others. He still wants us to do our part and make the wise, scary ask to someone. He still wants us to trust Him. He still does the impossible and unexpected. He is still bigger than any global crisis, and He will see you through this.  

As you navigate your journey of raising money, you can move forward in the right (biblical) mindset and come out with a renewed mentality of what this looks like for you!  


Step 1: Acknowledge your feelings and where you feel like you’re entering into this process.
Step 2: Take the lies you believe and replace them with the Truths in His Word.
Step 3: Raise your funds from a right mentality, and this journey will be filled with joy.


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