There aren’t just a lot of different cultures that are waiting to hear the Gospel; there are also a lot of different ways to reach out and make contact! Different places often require very different methods, and wherever possible, Royal Servants makes it a point of entering into partnerships with the ongoing ministries of each nation they visit. Each team uses a variety of connections, from individuals to organizations, but here are just a few of the ways that each team partners with others in order to make an impact this summer!


Work with Local Churches and Believers

The Gospel in China has to keep a low profile, but that doesn’t stop believers from reaching out. Quite the opposite! Royal Servants works closely with local believers who have a heart for making Christ’s message available to everyone. You’ll partner with these believers to make a meaningful connection with Chinese teenagers, and when you have to go, they will be there to follow up with everyone whose lives you helped impact.

In Costa Rica, Royal Servants has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Alfonso, a pastor from Cachi, and his wife, Grace. Alfonso is passionate about spreading the Gospel throughout Costa Rica, and with His help, you’ll travel throughout the city of Cachi and into the villages throughout the surrounding mountains.

Much of your time in Northern Ireland will be spent working alongside a pair of churches, Christ Church in Dundonald and Ebrington Church in Londonderry. Through these partnerships, you will reach out to kids and teens through summer programs, community BBQ, street evangelism, and more. You’ll never be lacking for people to see and chances to make an impact in someone’s life!

There are incredible people waiting to partner with you in Scotland, one of whom is a woman who found Jesus through a Royal Servant in the 80s! The dark corners of Scotland’s suburbs can be hard places to be in, but these believers are there 24/7, ready to be an encouragement, a safe place, and a light to those around them. It is a great privilege to be able to come alongside these people and help them make a difference.


Missionaries and Ministry Organizations

In Greece/Macedonia, Royal Servants will be partnering with SEND International, an organization that sends missionaries all over the world. SEND International’s missionaries in Greece and Macedonia are well established and trusted throughout their communities, and you will have the opportunity not only to work alongside them to reach out to refugees and native Greek workers alike, but also to support and encourage these missionaries in their work for the Kingdom of God.

The missionaries you will be working with in Morocco may have to keep a low profile, but they are deeply familiar with the people they serve and deeply invested in the community. They will show you where to go, who to meet and love on, how you can serve the people of Morocco. And you may just get the opportunity to worship alongside them and hear their stories about life out in the field.

Along with a number of churches in Nepal’s Kathmandu and Pokhara areas, Royal Servants connects with long-term missionaries and non-governmental organizations who can show you what life is like in this nation and how they go about meeting the incredible needs of the poor and underprivileged. There are groups that work hard to fight human trafficking, and they will teach you how you can help whether you are in Nepal or at home.

Uganda is full of generous, joyful, encouraging people. You’ll love working with the many friends and ministries you’ll find there—Youth For Christ, Bless a Child Cancer Home, Sanyu’s Babies Home, The Royals Dance ministry, Off-Tu Mission, and more! It is a blessing to be in the presence of men and women who work so tirelessly to bring a message of hope to this warm and vibrant culture.


Be the Ministry in the World

In Europe, no two days are quite the same. As part of traveling all across the continent to many of its major cities, you’ll be learning a lot about what it means to engage with a new location and develop ministry from scratch. Opportunities are everywhere, such as serving communities, putting on street performances, and distributing food to refugees. You’ll truly see how God is able to work through faith and dedication.

Barnabas, one of our alumni team, truly embodies the servant spirit of a follower of Christ by serving the teams that are preparing to go out into the world. Through taking care of a variety of critical tasks around our Training Camp in Wisconsin, these students show just how important it is for a ministry to have support. On the Barnabas team, you will discover that there are always many ways to build the Kingdom of God, even if you are not going out into the world.

Our other alumni team, Nehemiah, has been establishing its presence in Jerusalem for many years, making steady, long-term connections with shopkeepers and partnering with Christians in Palestine to show what it means to live in the midst of Muslim and Jewish neighbors. Through these connections of love and trust, you will go out and bring the message of Christ for the people of Jerusalem.


No matter where you go this summer, you will find incredible partnerships and amazing opportunities!


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