Royal Servants remains to this day one of the greatest ministry opportunities I have ever been blessed to take part in. But I understand that, whether student or staff discipler, whether going overseas for the first time or the fifth, it can be a challenge to decide which team is the right fit for where God wants to lead you this summer. In 2020, Royal Servants will be sending ten teams overseas to a variety of different peoples, cultures, and styles of ministry. Keep reading to get an idea of how each team works!


Deep Relational Connections


One of the great strengths of Royal Servants is an emphasis on deep connections with everyone you meet. In Costa Rica, soccer is a huge part of the culture, and there are few better ways to engage with people and make fast friends than to play the game with them. Opportunities for the Gospel are everywhere, whether it be with the players or the spectators, and you don’t need to know how to play the great game to make a difference!

In China, meanwhile, there is a strong focus on building relationships with the same small group of Chinese students over the course of a week or more. Royal Servants will team up to put on English camps for the Chinese, to play games and teach the language, and through that find opportunities to hang out, to engage in conversations through coffee or food, and to experience their everyday lives in a spectacular way.


Sharing the Gospel in the World


On the other hand, perhaps you’re interested in engaging with strangers in challenging conversations about faith? On the Europe team, you will be exposed to a wide variety of cultures and opinions about faith across many of the continent’s most famous locales. Through dance, drama, community service, and intentional surveys, you will reach out to anyone and everyone on the streets.

In Morocco, you will travel in groups throughout the city of Tangiers, striking up conversations with shop owners, with travelers, with locals. You will work alongside long-term missionaries to call on God to move greatly and discover that sometimes even the smallest amount of contact can help open doors to incredible change.


Engaging With Post-Church Cultures


Some of the most challenging but rewarding opportunities for the Gospel come from places that have had a difficult history with the church, or that have largely cast Christianity aside. In Ireland, you will be face to face with a culture that has long had conflict between its Protestant and Catholic populations, a people with a rich history of faith that nevertheless questions the value of religion in the modern day.

Likewise, in Scotland you will come face to face with a youth population that has largely cast aside Jesus and Christianity as “irrelevant.” Through meaningful relationships, partnering with local churches, and hanging out with teens on the streets or through youth clubs, you have a powerful opportunity to show that Jesus still has a place in the hearts of people today.


Being the Hands and Feet of Jesus


Or perhaps you have a heart for the vulnerable and at-risk people of the world? In Uganda, 50% of the population is under the age of 14, fewer than 25% of kids have access to education beyond grade 6, and many of them are at high risk for abuse. But through visits to schools, slums, and impoverished villages, you will find that these are some of the warmest and most loving people you will ever meet.

In Nepal, ministry opportunities are everywhere, and there is never a lack for things to do or people to meet. You will help feed children before school, love on people in leprosy colonies, throw parties for kids in an orphanage, and meet with Christians who are on the frontlines in the fight against human trafficking.

Royals Servants is partnering with SEND International in Greece/Macedonia inside of a refugee camp on the border of Macedonia and Serbia. Help local missionaries plant seeds of the Gospel. Serve communities through teaching English, leading games at youth camps, and helping with beautification projects in cities and neighborhoods.


Alumni Opportunities


Last but not least, there are a couple of amazing opportunities for Royal Servants alumni. If you can’t commit to an entire summer, or if you just love serving others, Barnabas team is a team that stays at Training Camp to help out with all the jobs and responsibilities that help make it run as smoothly as possible. Prepare obstacle courses, help out in the administrative building, organize supplies, and more. A perfect fit for those who love working hard and modeling servant leadership!

And for those who are ready to take what they have learned through Royal Servants a step farther, Nehemiah team will help you build on your spiritual foundations and make your mark through relational ministry. This year, Nehemiah team will start its journey in China, where even in the midst of a controlling government, the people are very open to deep spiritual discussions, and the believers are passionate and intentional about everything that they do. From there, the team will travel to Israel and trace the roots of the faith through significant Biblical and historical sites in the Galilee region, building relationships along the way with the people and with each other.


Different Ministry Styles: ALL for the Kingdom


No matter which style of ministry appeals to you most, I encourage you as you consider each of the teams being offered this summer to pray for God’s direction as you move forward. No matter where you’re at right now, no matter where you think you will be at in a few months’ time, know that God has an incredible plan for you, and Royal Servants could well be that life-changing opportunity that He is calling you to.


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