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What does it mean to be a leader? What does it mean to be a leader in God’s Kingdom? How has God shaped and gifted you? What is He calling you to? These are all great questions that I think every Christ follower asks at some point. The pursuit of the answers to these questions is why the Nehemiah trip exists. We want to invite and challenge students to explore further and press into their relationship with God and how He has uniquely created them. We want students to grow, learn, and kindle curiosity as they ask hard questions and take big risks. Imagine doing all of this while walking in the footsteps of Jesus and His first disciples in Israel and you will get just a taste of how unique and special this trip is. So, what do you say? I say, let’s do this!


On the Nehemiah trip, we want to approach ministry through one lens—relationship. It permeates everything we do. From helping prepare Training Camp, to living and playing with Slovak youth, to meeting people of all faiths and cultures in Jerusalem. We want to put Nehemiah students in situations where the sharing of the Good News flows from relationship. But this requires boldness and intention and a boatload of creativity.

In Israel, you will walk the lively streets of Jerusalem and interact with an incredibly diverse and fascinating bunch of people. It will become clear pretty quickly that relationships are possible around every corner. Not only that, but potential adventure also lies everywhere you look, you just never know what a day holds for you in Jerusalem. And the exciting thing is that God often uses that potential in such great and unexpected ways.

In Slovakia, you will have the opportunity to join local Slovak youth at an overnight baseball/English camp in the beautiful and historic town of Bojnice. This camp is a unique opportunity for the Nehemiah team. Tucked in the mountains of Slovakia, you’ll get the chance to connect with young Slovaks at their annual baseball camp. It is a zany, fun, and energetic atmosphere in which we get the chance to introduce the love of our Savior to young people who need Him so much . We will play a supportive role to our ministry partners who use this camp as a great tool to introduce Slovak youth to Christ.


Mediterranean fare is not only good for you, it is downright delicious. Have you ever dipped a warm fresh pita into homemade hummus? You need to! How about a shawarma stuffed full of lamb, veggies, french fries, and a yummy tzatziki sauce? Dude, you really need to! Israelis know how to eat, and you will be pinching yourself with how great and rich the flavors they create are. Slovaks love fresh, fire-baked bread, their own Slovak version of Coca Cola, delicious sausages, mouthwatering, homemade stews, and delicious bryndzové pirohy (cheese filled dumplings). Safe to say, the diversity of food you will experience this summer between Israel and Slovakia will be both impressive and vast.


In Israel and Slovakia you will be staying in hostels and small hotels. If you don’t know what a hostel is, imagine an average American hotel room, subtract the cheesy artwork, add about 8 more bunk beds, reduce the size of the mattress, and there you have it – a hostel!

What is most exciting about Israeli hostels is where they are located. Imagine yourself gazing out over the Old City at night from the roof of a hostel in the very heart of the Christian quarter in Jerusalem. Or looking out over the Dead Sea at the base of King Herod’s famed Masada. And my personal favorite, walking out of your room to swim in the Sea of Galilee!


You are ready for Nehemiah if you want to be challenged to dig deeper, push harder, and serve longer. You will take everything you learned on your previous Royal Servants trip and put it into action in a whole new way. We will explore the life God has for you and ponder ‘til your brain hurts.

Do you want to experience more of the global God that we serve? Do you have a desire to learn from different cultures? Do you want to walk in the footsteps of Jesus? Then this is the trip for you, plain and simple.


Exploring. A lot of exploring. This is what we do in Israel. But there really is no place on Earth that is as fun to explore as Israel. After all, where else can you climb up an ancient fortress the Romans destroyed 2,000 years ago. Where else can you go to the lowest spot on earth (the Dead Sea) in the same day that you visit a bonafide desert oasis? It just also happens to be the oasis where David hid from Saul. And where else can you explore the mountain where the greatest sermon of all time (the Sermon on the Mount) was spoken? In fact, it will spoil you to all other exploring you may do in your life, it is that epic.

But before we even get to Israel, our group will stay in the historic and beautiful hamlet, Bojnice, where you will be able to explore a medieval castle straight out of a fairy tale. You’ll find that it may very well be one of the most beautiful countries you’ve been to, and leave wondering why you hadn’t heard of Slovakia before.


Your Nehemiah summer will challenge you to:

  • Sharpen your Christian belief system as you encounter other major religions of the world.
  • Learn about yourself through an extensive study of how God has prepared you for ministry.
  • We will introduce you to your personal SHAPE (Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, and Experiences.)
  • Build below the waterline through regular encounters with Jesus and His teachings.
  • Learn how to set goals, make plans to accomplish those goals, and trust God to lead you as you work towards those goals
  • Study the book of Mark and discover the life of Christ in a whole new way in the same place it took place!

Discipleship is not simply a lofty romantic ideal; it involves a ‘rolling up your sleeves’ with everyday determination and intentionality. God is good, and worthy, and worth it all.


You will eat a falafel, worship at the Western Wall, experience the unbridled joy of Shabbat, learn about the history and customs of the Jewish people, listen to a Muslim call to prayer, and maybe even jump in and join a traveling bar mitzvah celebration as they parade around Jerusalem. You cannot avoid an amazing cultural experience while in Israel, it just happens.

Once on to Slovakia, you will experience a people proud of their amazingly rich historical traditions, of which, date back numerous centuries. In recent history, Eastern Europe has started to come out from the shadow of Russia and her communist influences to rediscover life, color, and freedom to make this a part of the world that is unique, beautiful, and full of surprises.


In Jerusalem we partner with Palestinian Christ followers who offer unique insight into what it means to live in the midst of both Muslim and Jewish neighbors. We have formed trusting relationships with shopkeepers in the city over many years, and through relationships of love and trust, reach out to bring the message of Christ and His heart for peace to the people of Jerusalem.

We also work with two Orthodox Jewish brothers who own a shop in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem. They are resident experts on all things Jewish. The brothers serve as a great reference point and are crucial in building bridges of understanding between the Jewish and Christian communities.

In Slovakia we work with Tom Johnson, former pitcher for the Minnesota Twins, and his ministry, Good Sports, which uses sports and teaching English as a way to positively influence the youth generation of Slovakia and introduce them to the love of Christ. The Nehemiah team has partnered with Good Sports for several years and we are excited to return with them again this summer!


Coming home from a mission trip overseas is a difficult transition to make, which is why we believe debriefing is crucial. We want to make sure you process your summer well before returning home and take time to reflect on all that you have experienced throughout the course of the mission trip. This helps as you prepare to return home and impact your world for Christ. Debriefing involves mass amounts of laughter, fellowship, reflection, decompression, and pure unadulterated fun.


Nehemiah Dates

    Students June 14 - August 4, 2018

Nehemiah Required Support

  • Students
  • Airfare & Ground Costs: $6250
  • Spending Money: $565
  • TOTAL: $6815

*$USD. For information about Canadian contributions and tax deductibility for Canadian citizen click here. The Nehemiah mission trip does not require a visa.

Nehemiah Trip Leaders

  • Travis - Full Bio >>
  • I along with my wife, Stephenie, lead the Nehemiah and Timothy team. We have 3 amazing children and are passionate about the Colorado Broncos. We have been leading Royal Servants teams for over 10 years and are always excited to lead alumni to Israel.

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