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What’s Different about the Nehemiah Trip?

The Nehemiah trip is limited to alumni students who have been recommended by their previous Trip Leader. Nehemiah is for students who have demonstrated a teachable spirit, a hunger for God, and leadership potential.

The Nehemiah trip will raise the bar and further challenge and develop you in world evangelism, personal spiritual maturity, and leadership skills. Part of the process is traveling to the birthplace of Jesus, walking in His shadow, and learning more about how He developed leaders.

This summer the Nehemiah trip will travel to Israel, Portugal, and Spain!

This summer I had an amazing summer of growth. One of my favorite memories was working at a VBS that was held at a Sudanese refugee camp in Israel. I was very nervous to help lead a group of students, but a little girl named Sarahla became friends with me instantly. All she wanted was to be loved, cared for, and to have someone to play with. It was so awesome to be able to be those things for her, even if it was only for 3 days. Working at the refugee camp was a good reminder that, while we may not always see the “fruits of our labor”, we never know what kind of a difference we make in the people’s lives that were working with.


Your ministry starts at Training Camp where you will help set up the camp, and plan and teach skill groups for the other Royal Servants teams. You will also be given the opportunity to creatively serve a community in rural Wisconsin. In Israel, the bulk of your ministry is called “intentional time”. It takes intentionality to seek out relationships with people who believe different things about the world. You will be able to share God’s love with people who have not had any positive interactions with western Christians before. You will have a unique privilege to help repaint the negative stereotype most of the Middle Eastern world has not only of Americans, but of American Christian teenagers.

In Portugal you’ll be partnering with a local ministry situated just north of Lisbon as you partake in a week-long camp that’ll be filled with fun activities, sports, games, water sports (yes, there’s a pool), teaching English, and daily chapels where students can learn more about who God is and what that can mean for their life. It’ll be a week of being incarnational with, of doing life with, Portuguese teens and living out an authentic, real, raw faith that invites those to Jesus who may not quite know Him yet. From there you'll head over to Madrid where you'll partner with a ministry that reaches the local Spaniards right in the heart of the city.


If you’re in Israel and are craving bacon or ham – you’re probably not going to get it. Welcome to the land of kosher! But you will be eating incredible Middle Eastern food like shawarma (sliced beef or lamb with yummy veggies in pita bread), falafels, bagels, and hummus. Believe it or not, you can even get a nice pizza. If you’re a bit adventurous, head down to the Arab market and prepare to be surprised with some rather unorthodox food opportunities.

In Portugal and Spain, it is all about Tapas and Petiscos (think appetizers but so much more), which combine small portions of delicious meats, cheeses, breads, and fruit and veggies resulting in deliciously creative flavors. The best part of Tapas and Petiscos, because of their smaller sizes, you can eat several and sample so many flavors in just one meal.


In Israel you will be staying in hostels and small hotels. If you don’t know what a hostel is, imagine an average American hotel room, subtract the cheesy artwork, add about 8 more bunk beds, reduce the size of the mattress, and there you have it – a hostel! What is most exciting about Israeli hostels is where they are located: in the very heart of the Old City of Jerusalem, at the base of King Herod’s famed Masada, and right on the shore of the Sea of Galilee!

Your time in Portugal will be spent at a camp facility that has it all: large meeting halls, outdoor basketball courts, a swimming pool, and cabins for bunking. It’ll be just like summer camp, except this one is 3,000 miles away, is located on the western tip of Europe, and has a view that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean… it’ll feel just like home!

In Spain you’ll be staying in a church located in the heart of the country’s capital of Madrid. Don’t forget to bring a sleeping bag and mat!


You are ready for Nehemiah if you want to be challenged to dig deeper, push harder, and serve longer. You will take everything you learned on your previous Royal Servants trip and put it into action in a whole new way. We will explore the life God has for you and ponder ‘til your brain hurts.

Do you want to experience more of the global God that we serve? Do you have a desire to learn from different cultures? Do you want to walk in the footsteps of Jesus? Then this is the trip for you, plain and simple.


Experience the Middle East by trekking up ancient fortresses in the southern Israeli desert or traverse your way through the labyrinth that is Jerusalem, an ancient city straight out of Indiana Jones. You can swim in the Sea of Galilee, visit the lowest point on Earth at the Dead Sea, see the caves of Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, and stand in a Galilean synagogue where Jesus taught. Or how about trekking all over the beautiful, rugged mountains and sandy beaches of Portugal and Spain, the traditional home of some of the greatest adventurers and explorers the world has ever known.


We want you to grow in a natural and true atmosphere of discipleship; the kind of discipleship that yields what Paul wrote about in Philippians when he said, "so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation. Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky." This summer, you will:

  • Learn about yourself through an extensive study of how God has prepared you for ministry. We will introduce you to your personal SHAPE (Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, and Experiences.)
  • Write a personal mission statement for your life
  • Learn how to set goals, make plans to accomplish those goals, and trust God to lead you as you work towards those goals
  • Study the book of Mark and discover the life of Christ in a whole new way

Discipleship is not simply a lofty romantic ideal; it involves a ‘rolling up your sleeves’ everyday determination and discipline. In other words, it is a hard and long process, and at times it can be messy. But God is good, and worthy, and our life with Him is worth it, period.


Israel is steeped in centuries of culture and custom. You will worship at the Western Wall during Shabbat, spend time in the Old City amongst its Islamic inhabitants, and stay in a hostel on the Via Dolorosa, where every Easter, Christians from all over the world carry life-size crosses and reenact Jesus’ walk to the cross.

You’ll be living in a world surrounded by kippas (the tiny head covering Jewish males often wear), Islamic minarets, public calls to prayer, Christian pilgrims, spice markets, Arab shops, and a TON of important ancient rocks. You will experience the hospitality of the Arab people, the dedication of the Jews to traditions, and the richness and excitement of living in a culture Jesus grew up in and was a part of.

The capital of Portugal is a seaside city of urban grids with broad boulevards and city squares, combined with tangled, salty cobblestone side streets and alleys. Her streets are filled with coffeehouses and trolleys straight from the 1920s, and the architecture highlights this country’s fascinating blend of North African, Islamic, and Western European influences fused together as one. As a once-vast empire and in the height of the Age of Discovery, Portuguese sailors set sail from what was then known as the “end of the world” on voyages that spread this country’s influence around the Mediterranean world, the African coasts, and even as far as Brazil and the Far East. You’ll love the warm and laid back culture of Europe’s oldest country! And from there you'll head to the capital of Spain, Madrid, where you'll experience the Spanish culture in all its glory! Fun, festive, and lively are just some of the ways you can describe this bustling city, and we can't wait to explore it with you!


In Jerusalem we partner with an Arab shopkeeper who is a Christ follower and sells antiques in the Christian quarter of the Old City. We have formed a trusting relationship with him over many years, and work with him to reach Palestinians in Jerusalem and the West Bank by building relationships of love and trust.

We also work with two Orthodox Jewish brothers who own a shop in the Jewish Quarter. They are resident experts on all things Jewish. The brothers serve as a great reference point and are crucial in building bridges of understanding between the Jewish and Christian communities. We also serve a body of Christ followers that crosses several ethnicities, religious backgrounds, languages, and socio-economic classes. It is a beautiful picture of the Kingdom of God.

In Portugal and Spain we’ll be working with both missionaries and local believers who have a heart for the local church, and more specifically, for the teenagers in their culture. They are driven by a vision to see the young people come to a saving faith in Christ and grow in their discipleship and ministry. We’re excited to be a part of what God is doing in these countries!


Debriefing is crucial. We want to make sure you process your summer well before returning home. It is a time to reflect on all that you have experienced throughout the course of the mission trip, and prepare you to return home and impact your world for Christ. Debriefing will be held in Tel Aviv, Israel and will involve mass amounts of laughter, fellowship, reflection, decompression, and pure unadulterated fun.


Nehemiah Required Support

  • Students
  • Airfare & Ground Costs: $6,250
  • Spending Money: $535
  • TOTAL: $6785

*$USD. For information about Canadian contributions and tax deductibility for Canadian citizen click here. The Nehemiah mission trip does not require a visa.

Nehemiah Trip Leader

  • Travis & Stephenie Carr
  • We are leading the alumni Nehemiah team to Israel. We have three phenomenal young children, Jovie, Railey, and Rivers. I (Travis) am a history and film nut who loves to explore the mystery of what has already happened. I (Stephenie) love BBC TV, a windy day at the beach, and experiencing God in other cultures..

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