2019 Royal Servants Mission Trips are HERE!

by Grace Horst

Every September there is anticipation in the air at the Reign Ministries Headquarters, as we prepare to launch our Royal Servants mission trips for the following summer. Locations have to be chosen, details have to be finalized (as much as we can), and the website needs to be updated. But now…it is ready for YOU!

We are excited to announce the following Royal Servants Mission Trips for summer 2019. With all these wonderful places, how can you choose just one?

China, Costa Rica, Ireland, Japan (brand new to Royal Servants), Macedonia – Greece, Morocco, Nehemiah (alumni only), Nepal, Scotland, Spain, Uganda, and Western Europe.

See a photo that stirs adventure in your heart? Can you guess which country it is? Click the image to see if you guessed correctly, and then don’t forget to register for a life changing summer!

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Nehemiah/Timothy Teams have landed in Chicago!

by Travis Carr

And just like that, the last Royal Servants mission trip of 2018 has landed. Nehemiah/Timothy is on the ground in Chicago!

The last and final Nehemiah and Timothy 2018 team family photo! 😭 It was what it was, it was more than enough, and it was more than we know. And with that, shalom out y’all!

Praise God for all He has done through our teams this summer.


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China, Nehemiah, Western Europe Update

by Margaret Andrus

All three of the final teams are in the air, flying to Chicago, and are so far scheduled to land on time!

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