Nehemiah/Timothy Teams have landed in Chicago!

by Travis Carr

And just like that, the last Royal Servants mission trip of 2018 has landed. Nehemiah/Timothy is on the ground in Chicago!

The last and final Nehemiah and Timothy 2018 team family photo! 😭 It was what it was, it was more than enough, and it was more than we know. And with that, shalom out y’all!

Praise God for all He has done through our teams this summer.


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Final Returning Teams

by Margaret Andrus

Final Team Returns: Today/Tomorrow the last 3 teams return home: China, Nehemiah, and Western Europe.

To make the time changes a little easier for you – all times given are in Central:

-China leaves around 6:25 pm tonight from Beijing and lands in Chicago tomorrow at 12:40 pm. They have a connecting flight.
-Nehemiah at 9:05 pm from Tel Aviv and gets into Chicago at 4:05pm. They have a connecting flight.
-Western Europe leaves at 4:30 am tomorrow from London direct to Chicago at 1:25 pm.

Check our FB page for ongoing updates.

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