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Training Camp

Ok, we admit it; we spend more time in the States preparing you for the mission trip than most organizations. And we’re proud of it! We call it Training Camp!

The point of Training Camp is to prepare you to arrive overseas ready in mind (attitude), body (skill groups), and soul (spiritually) to jump straight into ministry. It gets you ready to live in healthy community, minister effectively overseas, work as a team, try new food, and serve God in incredible ways. A part of each day is set aside to train you as a team in a skill group (you get to choose) so you are ready to share the gospel through song, dance, soccer, drama or puppets.

Training Camp is also time to bond with your team and get ready for the work ahead. We’ll help you become spiritually prepared through intentional small group discipleship. And each day is filled with in-depth devotional times, relevant group teachings, focused training, heartfelt worship, and lots of laughter!

Because of Training Camp, you’ll head to the field armed with a proper mindset, spiritually grounded, equipped with ministry tools, and fully prepared for the task ahead. Not only that, you’ll leave Training Camp more than a team, you’ll be a family with a love and appreciation of each person that will communicate the love of Jesus to everyone you encounter.

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