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Where Should I Go?

Where Should I Go? That’s a great question! Sometimes God is very specific, other times He says’, “Choose something that looks good, I can use you anywhere!” But if you’re not sure, it helps to have a few questions to help narrow it down.

Is there a country or location you’re drawn to? A people group you’re interested in? A question to ask yourself is what type of ministry are you interested in?

All Royal Servants mission trips focus on relational based evangelism, but each trip’s ministry is unique. Trips like China focus on English programs for teenagers, while in Nepal you might love on someone with leprosy. Maybe you like the thought of performing street ministry across Europe (EuroQuest), talking about Christ while hanging out on a surf board (Ireland), or living with a group of orphans (Africa). Feel free to contact the Trip Leader if you have location specific questions.

As you’re trying to decide, take your time. Pray about it. In the end, maybe you simply like Irish accents. But as funny as it sounds, God uses even little things like that to give people direction. And at any time in the process you feel your heart leap…maybe you need to go for it!



So… Where Should I Go?

Take a look at these pictures, what draws your eye and your heart? Click and you’ll find your next destination for the summer!