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Amy Niemczyk

Kairos Discipleship School Leadership Team


My Personality

  • I Like: interacting with my chickens. Only God could create a hen with attitude and sass.
  • I Love: hunting, fishing, gardening and sharing the fruits of my labor with family and friends. Who’s hungry?
  • I Can’t Get Enough Of: Jesus and talking about Him with the people who need Him.
  • People Say: In my faith, I wield a shovel — always digging deeper into the beauty and truth of our great God.


About Amy

Minnesota has been my home all of my life. I learned to love the outdoors from my parents who taught me to work hard, love harder and be satisfied with what you have. When the weather allows, I can be found outside, typically covered in dirt from head to toe and smiling from ear to ear. When it doesn’t allow, I love to read, cook and spend time with family and friends. I was 21 when, like Paul on the Damascus road, the Lord hijacked my life. He filled me with a burning passion for His word and a deep love for His children. Since 2006, I have worked in business as a benefits consultant but my soul always hungered for more. I began serving with my church youth group in 2015. I never imagined God would use those kids to change my life but He did. At the end of 2016, my time in corporate America came to an end. I joined Reign Ministries in 2017 and love discipling students and running this race with them. My most earnest prayer is they will value the reward of Heaven above all else and willingly forsake the rewards of this life to join in the work of the Great Commission.

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