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Hannah Swanson

Kairos Discipleship School Administrative Team | Leadership Team

My Personality

  • I Like: Camping, traveling, dark chocolate, tea, and wrapping myself in a plethora of warm blankets.
  • I Love: Cooking, reading, and spending quality time with people.
  • I Can’t Get Enough Of: Salads, journaling, and time alone with Jesus.
  • People Say: I have a positive spirit and am always cold.

About Hannah Swanson

I was born and raised in the cold state of MN. I grew up in a strong Christian family and my church was a big part of my life. During high school I became very involved in my church’s youth ministry as a junior high small group leader. It was during this time that I believe my passion for discipleship began to grow. Throughout high school God continued to teach me what it meant to be a leader. After graduating high school spring of 2013 I attended Kairos Discipleship School as a student and the following year interned for the school. After getting my feet wet in full-time ministry, I joined full-time staff with Kairos Discipleship School in 2015. I love seeing where God has brought me and how He has established passions within me for discipleship that I now get to use through working with Reign Ministries!

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Please contact me with any questions you may have at