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Jake Fair

Royal Servants Mission Trip Leader

My Personality

  • I Like: Mountains, Central California Coast, Disc Golf, 80’s love songs, and Dr. Pepper.
  • I Love: Having hope in Jesus, My wife and 2 kids, Time with People, Retro Nintendo Games, Spiderman, and Jeeps and Dr. Pepper.
  • I Can’t Get Enough Of: Fall (the season), Chicken wings, Cool Weather, Playing video games with my wife, old Zelda collectibles, and Dr. Pepper.
  • People Say: I enjoy life, like to laugh, I should do stand-up comedy, I give good hugs, and that I like Dr. pepper.

About Jake

I grew up as a youth pastor’s kid, so my family moved around a lot. I went to 7 different schools before I graduated High School. After HS I saw that even though I resisted Him, God used people and circumstances in my life to direct me into youth ministry. I felt like my life has been defined by trials, difficulties, and a desire for people to have a place where they are known, loved, and can feel safe. I have discovered in my life that that place is with Jesus. He cares deeply for us and He hurts when we hurt. Out of that realization I have had the honor to serve students and staff in ministry for the past 17 years. On this journey, I earned a Master’s degree in Biblical studies and for 10 years served as a pastor of student ministries in the local church. God has recently directed our lives back to Royal Servants. I went in 1999 and 2000 and had a great experience where I also met my wife =). I am excited to live life with students, to journey side by side with them as we have adventures together discovering a foundation in Christ, discovering God’s purpose for their lives, and serving others overseas.

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