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Neriah Harris

Kairos Discipleship School Administrative Team | Leadership Team

My Personality

  • I like: Cooking, nature, playing board games and thrift shopping
  • I love: My family, seeing people grow, learning and experiencing new places.
  • I am addicted to: Cheesy jokes, hallmark movies, my husband and good smelling flowers.
  • People say: I am resourceful, a problem solver and that my laugh is hilarious.

About Neriah Harris

I was born and raised in the great Pacific Northwest. I have lived in the state of Washington for most of my life with my parents and siblings, whom have become some of my closest friends. I love the scenery, nature and wild life of the Northwest, but as I travel to other places I am learning that every place has its own beauty to be discovered. The summer after I graduated from high school, I went on a Royal Servants trip with Reign Ministries to Ireland. While on that trip and upon returning home God laid it on my heart to attend Kairos Discipleship School. During my later years of high school and especially while in Kairos, I learned a lot about how God has made me and how I can use my temperament in life to bring Him glory. Through understanding these things as well as God’s call on our lives, my husband and I both made the decision to join Reign Staff and work with Kairos Discipleship School. I am passionate about seeing others restored, healed and grow. I really enjoy my position with Reign Ministries because it allows me to be deeply involved in my passions and to use my practical skills as well. God has blessed me incredibly to work in such a fulfilling ministry!

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