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Stacey Swanson

Royal Servants Media Team | Royal Servants Mission Trip Leader

My Personality

  • I Like: Fancy grocery stores, coffee, whole milk in my coffee, baking, and popcorn.
  • I Love: My family, interacting with students, Hebrew, and learning new languages.
  • I Can’t Get Enough Of: Road trips, slippers, and decorative couch pillows.
  • People Say: I am an astute observer of people.

About Stacey Swanson

I grew up as a Marine Corps kid, moving all around the U.S. every three years until middle school – my favorite place to live was in Yuma, Arizona. Because of how I grew up, I love traveling and am excited by new adventure. My dad retired when my family was stationed in North Carolina. It was here that my sixth grade teacher invited me to youth group. Because of her invitation, I became a follower of Christ when I was twelve years old. God quickly gave me a passion for studying His Word. In college and graduate school, I majored in Biblical Languages and Archaeology. Ironically, I’ve never seen the Indiana Jones film. Before joining Reign Ministries staff, I taught Hebrew grammar for four years and middle school English and History for two. My husband, Matt, and I met on eHarmony and have been married since 2014. I love spending the summers doing ministry with students and experiencing all that God has planned!

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