Wow, what an exciting couple days of ministry!

We hit the ground running here in France, starting day one off with some orientation and then joining two local adult English clubs. Our students immediately jumped into building relationships, striking up conversations and learning about the lives of the local French people, many of whom are Muslim believers. The conversations have been rich and welcoming, and our hosts are thrilled with the possibilities it’s opening up.

It took some time and scrambling, but we managed to get unlimited transportation passes on the buses and trains for everyone in the group. It has really made the entire city of Toulouse easily accessible to us.

Yesterday we spent time at a refugee camp in town. The conditions were rough, and the language barrier was stark. Nevertheless, that quickly became a high priority for our team, and they are eager to get back there and dig deeper into the lives and those they’ve quickly made friends with.

We’ve also did some prayer walking, spent time with our missionary hosts, explored a North African open air market, and kicked jet lag. It has been a productive couple days.

We’d love for you to be praying for us as we try out some evangelism approaches in new areas today, and later take on an after school English tutoring with kids and youth.

Merci to all who are holding us up in prayer!

Job and the Stony Brook School France team

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