Ha. I laugh out loud when someone asks “What’s ministry like in Uganda?” It’s a valid question, and one I very much welcome. I laugh because in Uganda I’ve never experienced such a deep, gut wrenching, exhausting, ever-changing, well rounded, life-giving ministry.

I’m consistently at a loss for words. I don’t know which story to lead with, is it the stories of the orphanages and the children that broke my heart and taught me so much? Or should I mention the Ministries and foundations that we partnered with that have huge impact and passion for their community? Do I mention the slum ministries where we walk the streets and casually greet people who are curious as to why we are in their neck of the woods and begin praying for their needs on the spot? Or would share stories of how I’ve seen our students, who we as leaders disciple, to engage in these kind of ministries? Do I share how they struggle at times and yet the moment they take a step of faith the Lord shows up and that moment becomes part of their testimony? What about the experiences we have during our meal times, worship times, or teaching times? Or how they process what they have seen and experienced on the trip thus far?

Do I mention how hard it is to spend these short moments with the locals and have to say good-bye without the knowledge of there was any impact or fruit from our time together?

We wrestle with these thoughts daily. We wrestle as a team on how these moments/experiences affect us.

Yet one thing we all come back together on.

God is good. God is trust worthy. God is bigger than all of our understandings.

He has consistently provided for our every need this summer. He has given us the strength when we are emotionally and physically spent. He has given us the words to speak when we have none. He has given us the power and the authority to deliver the message of His Grace to Ugandans this summer. He has given us a new perspective of His heart and how much he cares for his people, how much he cares for us. He has pushed us forward knowing we can accomplish all things under the shadow of his wings. He has given us indescribable joy that permeates the halls with laughter. He has given us the opportunity to trust him with the work we’ve done here.

I’m so proud and honored to lead a group of godly women who are honest with themselves and honest with us. Women who are open to learning from each other, our ministry partners, and Ugandans. Women who are life-changers and mountain-movers. Women who are powerful and can experience freedom. Women who are strong, fierce, and tender. Women who will go to the nations and share their testimony of a God who loved them so much that he sent His Son to die for them.

We’ve had a run this summer, it’s been a “go, go, go” when it comes to ministry. We’ve partnered with Youth for Christ going into schools and sharing about Jesus. We’ve spent days in orphanages and babies home, loving on kids and serving the workers. We’ve done work projects. We’ve held Vacation Bible Schools with primary children and their parents. We’ve partnered with Bless the Child Foundation, and loved on kids with cancer. We’ve partnered with a huge and intentional ministry called Show Mercy as we went into villages to pray for unsponsored kids, farmed, ministry to an elderly home, and shared testimonies at a High School. And can you believe we have 2 more weeks left?! We have much more left to do and a lot of ministry lined up, which means more opportunities to rely on Jesus.

I would encourage you to pray for more divine moments for our students. Pray for open hearts. Pray for new impact. Pray for Jesus’ heart to be heard. Pray for health and strength. Pray for continued joy (because I personally find their laughter life-giving and contagious-haha.)

I wish you could see your loved ones in action. It takes my breath away and I’m sure it would take yours too. Be ready with questions about our ministry this summer when we come home, but don’t be alarmed if we might grow silent because of all the stories are jam-packed in our heads and hearts.

All the blessings,

Uganda Trip Leader

Ps. Normally we don’t get to hear back from ministry partners or hear the impact we have … not because there hasn’t been any.. but because culturally Ugandans aren’t the most affirming. So receiving this email was a shock and was heart warming.

This is from a school we visited last week and put on a Vacation Bible School for primary school kids and their parents.

“Dear Mr Matt,

We hope you are well. Please allow us to take this opportunity to appreciate you and your team very much for the love and support you showed to us on Tuesday the 9th. We were so blessed by your presence and services. My kids keep on asking me about you all, they were so blessed, they enjoyed every session, and still do remember Daniel’s Bible story. Indeed you did us good.

And for the parents, the message (word) and little one on one prayer time spent with them, left a big mark in their lives. They cant Imagine seeing visitors praying for them. We believe God to continue manifesting in their lives for their prayer requests.

We do not know how to appreciate you enough, apart from being grateful to God for you, and the entire team.

This day will always be remembered in our lives. Thank you, Thank you very much.

Our prayers to you all; May the good Lord continue to bless you, use you and grant you all your hearts desires in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Our Donation page is as below under Urban Promise International.

Thank you very much, and have wonderful evening. greetings to the team.

With Joy,
Milly Nakato”

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