This last week of ministry before we head into our debriefing time is packed full!

This Monday (for us at least) we are partnering with The Royals ministry.

The Royals is a young, evangelist organization that is passionate about bringing the Gospel in the slum areas of Kampala with their God given talent, dance!

They love performing in city centers, okay… so not your typical “city center”… more like the center of a village in the middle of a dirt road. This is Uganda after all.

This morning we were exposed to their raw talent of dance/performance and even had the pleasure of learning a few of their dances and drum beats! (Talk about your African experience!)

The merge of our team and theirs went over splendidly and soon we were out on the streets preaching the Gospel, side by side as if we were old friends.

We love that about ministry. When you get a group together, young or old, musically talented or those of us who struggle to keep a beat, we can come together for one common goal and binds us together in perfect harmony.

Wakiso. Kasokoso District.

The biggest slum in the Kamapla area.

Mainly filled with the Acholi ethnic group (who were displaced because of war) who’s main occupation is stone quarry.

This village has no government hospital or schools making education and health care  extremely difficult.

The biggest struggles that they have, other than poverty is that they participate in polygamous families, who all live in single room shelters. And when it gets to be “too much” parents have been abandoning their homes and neglecting children.

The youth make up half of the community, all of which are unemployed and illiterate so crime, prostitution, pregnancy, drugs, and substance abuse are very prominent at such young ages.

Because there are churches but little attendance, witchcraft is a huge presence and has caused this village to be in a cyclical nightmare of poverty, unwanted/unplanned pregnancy, and abandonment.

The Royals panther with Youth Development Association — which teaches vocational skills training to help unemployed in the area, they lead family discipleship sessions, teachings of household agriculture, community morning prayers, and are clearing land for a children’s learning centre to help with the lack of education in the area.

But mainly, Jesus.

We can’t change the situations here, we can’t fix anything, we can however change hearts through the message of Jesus Christ.

And that’s exactly what we did today.

We had a time of prayer and worship before setting out in groups of 6 (including local church leaders) and going door to door sharing our Great Love story. What great conversations we had! It was a big challenging for our students doing this kind of evangelism, but it takes work and courage to do what they did today and I couldn’t be more proud!

And of course to end our time with the Royals, we had one big lively party! In the “city center” we began dances, dramas, and declarations of Jesus to the crowd who were curious as to the meaning of  drums, music, and muzungus!

What a way to end a fruitful day!

Student stories:

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