Today’s ministry took us to Mapeera Bakateyamba’s Home which was
established by a Catholic Cardinal to help needy disabled elderly
people. The home is managed by the Good Samaritan sisters who follow
Christ; serving Him by His limitless love and concern for the poor.

Their mission is to be the leading provider of hope, help, and
friendly services to the elderly poor, destitute, disabled and the
neglected people of God without discrimination, following the example
of a good Samaritan.

As our team entered the home for 70 residents and over 30 sisters, we
immediately felt the peace and presence of the Lord. I took note of a
wonderful and moving poster on the wall which I shared with the team
as we prepared our hearts for ministry,

“Whoever shows compassion to the unloved, feeds the hungry, quenches
to thirsty, shelters the homeless, cradles the abandoned, fathers are
destitute, treats the sick, defends to defenseless, speaks for the
mute, clothes the nude, helps the helpless – touches the heart of
Christ.”  from Matthew 25:35-40.

Students jumped right into serving by assisting residents in physical
therapy classes, feeding the disabled, as well as doing projects
around the home such as mopping floors, cleaning windows and washing
dishes. The best part of all was watching them simply sit and visit
with the residents and listen to them talk and hear their stories. The
pictures provide a glimpse into our day of serving and are truly worth
a thousand words. Enjoy!

For the Uganda 2019 Team,
Matt Halseth

PS. Tomorrow our team will be traveling north about 6 hours to the
city of Gulu. We will be staying in a large Airbnb home that is modern
and secure. We’ll partner with Christ the Center ministries and school
whom we also served with last summer. We’ll also be doing a safari at
Murchison Falls National Park. Our students are excited to get out of
Kampala for the next few days as we finish our final days of ministry
and have the opportunity to experience the beauty of African landscape
and wildlife! We’ll do our best to stay online and keep you posted but
our cellular service may be limited in rural areas.

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