by Whitnee Sand: Staff-discipler

I am amazed by how the Lord has been moving in EuroQuest 2019, even the short time we have been together. As a staff-discipler, I’ve had the privilege to witness first hand how God has been moving in the lives of each student, in my own life and in the team as a whole. This experience has been unlike anything else I have been a part of and every day I stand in awe of the hand of God. I have seen Hime faithfully show up every single day and I’m so excited to see how He shows up in our remaining countries. He has done good on the team in countless ways, but in reflecting on my own personal growth and talking it through with my teammates, I’ve picked up on three common themes of where God is working.

One of the big lessons from God we have been learning is how to rely on Him. Emily, who is one of the students, talked about discovering how “inadequate and unqualified” she is to do any of what we are doing on our own. Another student Kendra, says God has been teaching her to “look to Him instead of my own comforts.” Grayson, a staff discipler, and I have both personally witnessed how desperately we need to rely on God everyday. In times when I’ve felt inadequate, weak and unable to continue on, I am reminded how the Holy Spirit is able to motivate and strengthen me. 2 Cor. 12:10 encourages us that it is through our weakness, we are made strong because Christ is in us. In fact, our weakness is often what God uses to work in and through us. We are all learning that God empowers us when we rely on Him.

I have also had the privilege to see a family atmosphere developing on the team, especially through our time in Poland. God used our time there to strengthen our community and build up the team as a whole. Relationships are deepening and trust being established. All through the team, a unique bond is being formed and it is such a wonderful thing to watch. The boys talked about how they where learning to be better brothers in Christ and as one of the students put it wonderfully, “We are all people, coming from different backgrounds working for one purpose.” Although we are all unique and diverse, we are all united under one name; Jesus Christ. It is powerful to see the body of Christ displayed beautifully by my team.

Lastly, God has been opening our eyes to and breaking our hearts for the lost. We are experiencing how incredibly lost the people we encounter are. We have seen this in ways that we often do not look for at home. The team has directly seen brokenness through the conversations we have had on the streets. One of these conversations was with two men in Berlin, Germany that one of the students Jessie connected with. For her personally, this conversation gave her a window through which to see the hurt of this world. After her conversation, she said, “I had a frustrating conversation that exposed me to how lost the world is and how real and powerful Satan can be. My heart felt broken after and it gave me a glimpse of the immense compassion Jesus has for chasing our hearts.” Daily we are learning to translate the heartbreak we feel for the people we meet into action to declare God’s love for Europe.

As we continue our journey to new countries and people, please pray for God’s Mighty hand to be with us and work through us.

On another note:
From 5:00am to 1:00am. Some travel day huh? Well we all made it safely without losing anyone or anything on our last Eurail journey! Tomorrow we begin the final two days of our ministry in Europe. Today though was spent on two trains, three metros and uncountable staircases in Paris with our 50lbs bags. Everyone is pretty tired, but we are looking forward to finishing strong!

Bonjour Paris!! After being 106 degrees yesterday, todays 87 felt cool and nice! We had the amazing opportunity to visit the Louvre today to experience some truly amazing artwork. You might recognize one lady in particular. We also got to walk around the streets of Paris and do our street ministry.

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