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Kairos Discipleship School is an 8-month gap year program for young adults ages 18-26, focused on igniting their faith and impacting the world. Students grow in Discipleship, Leadership Training, and Missions as they learn from passionate instructors, gain practical and hands-on leadership skills through church internships and outdoor expedition trips, and share the gospel during an international mission trip. Kairos Discipleship School’s desire is to prepare students to be relevant leaders in their communities, churches, and on the mission field.

Kairos Alumni

"This year God taught me that He is life and that Jesus is at the center of everything. I've learned what it looks like to live with the truth that there is nothing outside of God and His will as my foundation."

- Jeremiah McCarthy, Class of 2019

"KAIROS has utterly metamorphosed my whole understanding of Christianity and what it means to be a Christ follower. Before signing up, I almost walked away from my faith. But now, I can't wait to serve God and to see what He has in store for my life!"

- Megan Parque, Class of 2019

"Through Kairos, I've learned to trust in God. I've learned to put aside what I think I knew about Him and let Him show me who He really is. Kairos is about being transformed by God: your character, your heart, and your mindset are being changed day by day even when you are not aware of it. I would say if you come to Kairos, you will be starting a great adventure with God."

- Maxence Givel, Class of 2017

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