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Kairos is an 8-month “Gap Year” program for college age students and young adults, ages 18-26. Kairos is an exciting, challenging, and intentional season where your faith will be ignited and you’ll find yourself making a significant impact in your world.


Deepen your faith by interacting regularly with gifted teachers, engaging in small groups, and meeting weekly for one-on-one discipleship with a staff member


Strengthen and stretch your leadership skills by interning at a local church and by leading your peers on wilderness adventure trips such as backpacking and multi-day canoeing


Make an impact in the lives of others by serving the poor and homeless in Los Angeles and by taking the Gospel to remote villages in the mountains of Honduras or the rainforests of Costa Rica

Kairos Alumni

“My season has been centered around transformation. I learned that the Father's heart for me is good, dispelling lies I had come to believe. His grace revealed healing and freedom from heartaches I had carried for years. Through Kairos, I learned how to live each day with Him, and that has made all the difference.”

- Daniel Anderson, Tennessee

“My year at Kairos has helped me better understand the power of God’s love for His people. I have seen how His love reaches even the darkness of this world, and I have learned that He has given us power to help spread His life and light to others, to be the disciples he calls us to be. Through practical application as each new opportunity comes, I find myself diving deeper into His word and experiencing first hand the wisdom of God that I can then share with those who are broken and need a little light and life!”

- Rachel Wagner, Oregon

"Through Kairos, I've learned to trust in God. I've learned to put aside what I think I knew about Him and let Him show me who He really is. Kairos is about being transformed by God: your character, your heart, and your mindset are being changed day by day even when you are not aware of it. I would say if you come to Kairos you will be starting a great adventure with God."

- Maxence Givel, Switzerland

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