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Kairos is an 8-month “Gap Year” program for college age students and young adults, ages 18-26. Kairos is an exciting, challenging, and intentional season where your faith will be ignited and you’ll find yourself making a significant impact in your world.

Be Discipled

Deepen your faith by interacting regularly with gifted teachers, engaging in small groups, and meeting weekly for one-on-one discipleship with a staff member

Be Developed

Strengthen and stretch your leadership skills by interning at a local church and by leading your peers on wilderness adventure trips such as backpacking and multi-day canoeing

Be Empowered

Make an impact in the lives of others by serving the poor and homeless in Los Angeles and by taking the Gospel to remote villages in the mountains of Honduras or the rainforests of Costa Rica

Kairos Alumni

“I learned a lot about myself. I gained a clearer vision of who I am as God has created me, not necessarily things I had adopted from the world. I’ve also learned that my relationship with God and ministry is not rooted in how I feel. I’ve learned to sit through quieter seasons relying on God. Kairos, as a whole, has opened my eyes in a new way to the power I have to bring life. I’m learning it’s okay to not always have the answers, but there are still so many opportunities to bring life and light.”

- Adeline Helland

"I feel that Kairos has given me the opportunity and freedom to be myself in Christ. I was able to be real with who I was and what my relationship with God looked like. I feel that, that gave me the chance to truly grow in my relationship with God. The God that I once viewed as simply a higher power who saved us from hell became the personal God who cares about us on a deeper level than we can understand. God has revealed his love and care that he has for me in many ways. Kairos has helped me lay a solid foundation for wherever God takes me in the future."

- Ross Vought

"In Kairos I have learned that God is more than just an authority figure in my life. I’ve always known God is for me and that He wants the best for me, His whole heart is for me, and He delights in me. I have also learned to embrace my new identity in him (throughout my walk with God I’ve always struggled living that out.) I now believe that God has chosen me (Eph. 1:4). I am valuable to God and he is valuable to me! Kairos has opened my heart to understand and receive more of God and to continue to have a learner’s heart."

- Samantha Henderson

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