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Class Topics

First Semester

A Lifestyle of Worship and Prayer

The theological basis for music and worship and exploration of the application of these premises in both individual and corporate worship. Students will understand what it means to have a heart of worship and to do all for the glory of God. Opportunity will be given throughout the course for practical application of these principles.

Personal Foundations

Provides deeper understanding about intimacy with God and personal devotional practice, growing in character, walking in humility and grace, and steps to obeying God. This class is taught at the beginning of first semester so the remainder of the year can build upon the biblical principles explained.

Overview of the Old and New Testaments

A brief study of the history, theme, author, and key verse of each book of the Bible, as well as a look at the timeline of the biblical eras. This class will highlight specific examples of the character of God throughout the true, historical stories of the Bible. Biblical examples of many of the other classes taught throughout the year will also be discussed, such as spiritual warfare, the Father heart of God, and leadership. Students will grasp a big-picture view of the story of salvation presented in the Bible, from cover-to-cover.

Relationships and Dating

A detailed look at the gift of attraction, God’s loving and logical limits, reasons for wrong relationships, and developing a dating philosophy. Interpersonal relationships will also be discussed throughout the year as personalities, spiritual gifts, and strengths are explained.

Spiritual Warfare and the Father Heart of God

A down-to-earth approach to understanding the spiritual realm, putting on the Armor of God, knowing our authority, understanding why evil exists, and practical ways to wage warfare. They will also see the flip side of the power of God and His Father’s heart–the tender, nurturing, and accepting side of who we are in Him.

Forgiveness and Reconciliation

An understanding of God’s forgiveness given to us and practical explanation and application of how to extend that same forgiveness to the people in our lives in order to live in unity with others.


An encouraging approach to the question, “What is God’s calling on my life?” Once destiny is understood from the perspective of the Bible, freedom to live life with God can be experienced.

Ethical Predicaments

Discussion-based class on how to live responsibly as a believer in this world that encourages critical thinking and application

Second Semester

Biblical Leadership

An examination of Biblical leadership as it relates to service in a local church, Christian organization, or missions agency. The emphasis on leadership will include such topics as personal character, styles of leadership, servant hood leadership challenges, personal mission statements, vision impartation, delegation, and multiplication of leaders.

Youth Ministry

An engaging and practical look at youth ministry in preparation for leading a small group during the summer on Royal Servants.

Church History

A brief look at the history of the church over the last 2,000 years and how it applies to believers today


Discussion and explanation of different theological viewpoints present among the church today

World Religions

Explanation of the main world religions, such as Islam and Judeaism, from a Christian perspective with an emphasis on apologetics


Designed to guide the student in the development of a personal commitment to and involvement in evangelism and the Great Commission. This study explores the philosophy principles and strategies for evangelism and cross-cultural missions.