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Host Family

A Host Family plays a vital role in the ministry of Kairos Discipleship School by providing room and board for students while they are a part of the program. By living with another family students will have opportunities to serve others while in the home environment.

Benefits for the Host Family

  • Unique partnership in training young men and women to be leaders in the church
  • Provide environment for students to grow in their relationships with God
  • Help fulfill the Great Commission
  • Positive role models for your children
  • Receive extra help with house chores, projects, and even some child care

What a Host Family Provides


The time requirement for housing a student will be from September to May. These dates include a number of breaks, adventure trips, and two mission trips, so the actual time they will spend in the home will be approximately 6 months. It is a requirement for the host homes to be within a 20-25 minute drive from the Kairos Discipleship School location.


Your Kairos student will be very busy with class activities throughout the week. Please be flexible and understanding with the demands of the school.


Support and encouragement for the students by regular family interaction and communication.


A place for the student to sleep and study. This does not have to be a separate bedroom; it may be a room in the basement, etc. The student does need alone time to study, so sharing a bedroom with small children will not work well. However, a shared room with an older teen may work, as long as study time can be arranged.


We ask that you and your family please respect the student’s privacy. This means only going in the student’s room when necessary.


Please try to minimize the amount of time a student would be home with the spouse of the opposite sex. This helps to eliminate awkward situations.


Three meals a day need to be provided. The student is up early and is able to make their own breakfast and a sack lunch for class. Dinner can be eaten with the family, and the student is encouraged to help participate in the preparation or clean up of the meal.

Godly Atmostphere

A home that is glorifying God and edifying to the student.

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What We Provide


At least twice a month we will be in contact with each host family to maintain frequent and open feedback on any needs the host family or student may have regarding housing arrangements. Most often, this will be in the form of evaluations where you will have the opportunity to place any comments, concerns, or observations.


We will provide each host home $200 a month to help offset expenses for meals and utilities. On months where the student will be there for only half of the month, we will provide 100 dollars.


At no time are host families required or asked to discipline the student. Kairos Disicpleship School staff facilitate discipline procedures should the need arise.


Host families are not expected to provide the student with rides or a vehicle. Students who do not have their own vehicle will car pool with other students.

Personal Items

Students will be responsible for their own toiletries and laundry supplies.