And So it Begins…

Kairos Discipleship School officially started Sunday, September 15th with a Welcome Reception, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have our new students with us! Our class this year consists of 5 young ladies and two interns. Emily (CO), Alice (ND), Malea (CA), Kaity (WA), and Gracie (NH), as well as our interns, Jeremiah (CO) and Jessica (AR, new to MN), began their first couple of days at Camp Shamineau, where we had orientation. The students went through the Kairos Handbook, the first semester calendar, and even had a time of worship while we were there. We also bonded over a low ropes course, high ropes course, and other fun activities.

On our first day back in Minneapolis, we took three different tours. The first tour we went on was at our Reign Ministries facility, and they were introduced to other Reign staff. The second tour involved driving around Crystal and Robbinsdale. We observed where the enemy is at work in our area as well as the opportunities that there are to get involved in ministry right in our backyard. The last tour of the day was in South Minneapolis. This tour included the Phillips Neighborhood, which is the most ethnically diverse neighborhood in the United States. In fact, over 100 different languages are spoken there! The students were able to see that they could reach the nations without leaving their own (new) backyard.

Classes are now underway and include teachings on worship and an introduction to spiritual disciplines. This will be discussed in more detail during their second week in the program (more about that next time). The year ahead is looking bright, and we are so excited to see what God does in us and through us!

Enjoy some photos from the first week of Kairos Discipleship School!


Jessica on the High Ropes Course

Jessica braves the High Ropes Course at Camp Shamineau during orientation.


Students at Orientation

The students learn about the Kairos School year during Orientation.


Malea in Viking Helmet

Malea learns that Minnesota has a very Scandinavian culture.


Uff Da

Learning about a new “language” in Minnesota.


Kairos Discipleship School Class Photo

Kairos Discipleship School Class of 2020 in the Phillips Neighborhood in South Minneapolis.


Melia on Low Ropes Course

Melia reaches for the tree on the Low Ropes Course while Jessica spots and encourages.


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