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Louie Inks

Founder | Chairman of Board

My Personality

I lead the Nehemiah team, founded Reign Ministries, and have been involved with students and missions for 50+ years.

  • I Like: to teach, travel and read.
  • I Love: Israel (been there 30+ times). Its not enough and I can’t wait to walk its streets again.
  • I’m Addicted To: Jesus, ministering to youth, ice cream and Diet Coke.
  • People Say: look out when he is in his task mode, and I am a big teddy bear.

About Louie Inks

I have a passion for discipleship and seeing students impact the world through missions. I have been in youth ministry for 57 years and served as a youth pastor for 24 of those years. I have spent many summers serving in Israel and many other countries. I challenge students to own their faith and understand the philosophies and principles behind their choices. Effective communication and servant leadership are critical tools in the hands of today’s students. I seek to develop hearts that drive social and world change by impacting students at the core of their spiritual development.

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Please contact me with any questions you may have at