Nothing humbles you more than when a child holds your hand, smiles, and has more faith in the Lord than in their circumstances… cancer.

Today we had yet another amazing opportunity to partner with a life giving (literally) ministry. The Bless A Child Foundation (BCF) is a registered nonprofit and member of the UICC Global Cancer control. BCF provides a comfortable, dignified home for children suffering from cancer as they go through treatment and hospitals. Their care and support is extended to family members for guardians of the children, who travel long distances to access adequate medical facilities.

Bless a Child Foundation strives for honor in all services they offer, nurture all patients with respect and dignity, value transparency and honesty and accountability and believe that early detection and treatment saves lives. Not only that, but they empower and equip families with information and skills needed to cope with cancer and it’s effects.

We had only 3 short hours with the staff and patients (and their caretakers) today, and boy did the time fly. After our program of corporate prayer and worship, testimonies (both our team and patients), and our drama/skits that present the Gospel, we broke up into smaller groups to connect on a deeper level.

Here in these small groups is where we were consistently met with story after story of patients hardships and struggles and the most humbling, they smiled as they spoke.

They praise the Lord for the small victories in this medical excursion, they thank Him for the help they receive, and they inspired us to do the same.

Their stories and circumstances are very real. There is no minimizing what they go through, the sacrifices they’ve made to make sure their loved ones are supported… no matter the cost to themselves. And yet they praise.

Sound familiar? Praising for the testing of our faith.

Our Uganda family got to experience that first-hand. And our prayers as leaders are that they would remember what it’s like to praise in the midst of trial. To see life through the eyes of a cancer stricken child who can still laugh, dance, and thrive with the time they’ve been given.

There are always circumstances that can halt our praise or our faith, but it’s our choice to step in and live in the “now.” To take a step towards reliance on the Lord and praise His name no matter the cost to us.

See what a couple of our students have to say:

Praise Him!

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