We made it safely to the gorgeous city of Vienna or as it is called in German Wien! After another early morning and long day of train travel, we arrived at the school where we have been staying for the last four days (the longest we’ve stayed in any one place). We have been so excited to be Vienna and do ministry here!

Now we are starting to realize that we are reaching the end of our ministry time here in Europe. Sunday we had the chance to worship with a local congregation at the Christian school we are staying at. It was a great opportunity to connect with God and with other believers! After Church, we took off for the city center, where we jumped right into ministry. Many of the team shared their faith boldly with the local people. Then we took a walking tour around Vienna led by our very own Heidi Bell! It was amazing to see so much history!

Although we have only been in Austria for 2 days, we have been really busy! Today we helped the school we are staying at move their library from one building to another. It was hard work, but the team completed it in only a couple of hours!! We then had some down time at the Church when the team was able to do important things like shower and clean out their smelly Chacos! We ended the day by showing the Austrian classic: Sound of Music 🎶 We have lots more exciting things coming soon!

Hear what our team has to say about the last three ministry locations while we travel on the train! We have updates from Warsaw, Prague and Zagreb! Check it out!

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