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Coronavirus Updates

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has taken this world by storm, here at Reign Ministries – Royal Servants, we want to navigate the unknown together!

We understand that the state of the world bring about a lot of questions and concerns. As a ministry that travels overseas, we have procedures and policies in place to ensure your safety! Check out some frequently asked questions and if you can't find what you're looking for please contact us.

At this time Royal Servants is planning to send out mission trips in the summer of 2021. 

However, no one has a clear idea of how Covid-19 is going to impact international travel in 2021. There is an ever-changing set of regulations and restrictions being applied by each country as they seek to contain the virus. Therefore, we ask that you be willing to adjust with us as policy and procedure may be altered to meet changing conditions. All participants will be notified of any changes. 

What happens if my trip or all the trips are cancelled?

Final decisions regarding ministry destinations probably won’t be made until mid-March or April. At that time, we will have a much clearer idea of what countries we will be able to enter, what restrictions will be in place, and what countries will remain closed due to Covid-19. Royal Servants will keep you informed throughout the process, and if we believe there is a likelihood that your trip will be cancelled, we will let you know. 

If the country you have chosen closes, we will place you on the second choice trip indicated on your registration, but we will also contact you to discuss alternate trip choices. Royal Servants will allow participants to drop without penalty if your trip is cancelled; however, if your trip is not cancelled, you will be held to the current Cancellation Policy.

In the event of a Royal Servants trip cancellation, we will email all participants the options for donations already received and on refund procedures.

What happens if someone gets Covid at Training Camp?

We are still putting together a Covid-19 protocol for Training Camp. Once finished, it will address best practices, masks, and social distancing. It will also include procedures in the event of someone at Training Camp testing positive for the virus.

Will we be required to get tested before coming?

At this time of writing, yes. You will have to test negative for Covid-19 within 72 hours before arriving at Training Camp. Additionally, most countries allowing travelers from the United States are requiring proof of having tested negative for the virus within 72 hours of arrival. We are currently working on the logistics of getting all participants tested while at camp to meet each country’s restrictions. 

What happens if someone tests positive at Training Camp?

If this happens, quarantine measures will be put in place for the individual, and appropriate testing of those exposed will be enacted. Royal Servants is still constructing a procedure in the unlikely event that multiple individuals test positive and a camp-wide outbreak is determined. If this occurs and all participants are forced to quarantine at Training Camp, our preliminary plans are to continue and expand the training until a point where the team can either continue overseas or individuals return home.

What happens if someone gets Covid overseas?

Currently, travel insurance companies are offering plans to cover costs for individuals who test positive for Covid-19 while traveling and are forced to quarantine (and therefore possibly miss flights). Unfortunately, that plan only covers Covid-19 positive, not everyone exposed. We are still pursuing options to cover such a situation.

What happens if I know I have been exposed within 2 weeks of Training Camp but have no symptoms?  Can I still come?

All individuals will be required to test negative for Covid-19 within 72 hours before arrival at Training Camp. If you have been exposed to Covid and a vaccine is not an option, please contact us immediately, and we will do our best to help walk you through this.

If a vaccine becomes available, will we be required to get it?

In all likelihood, all individuals traveling internationally will either have to provide proof of having received a vaccine shot or having tested negative within 72 hours before arrival overseas. Each country’s regulations and restrictions are changing and will probably continue to change up to the team’s departure, so we are remaining flexible in our guidelines. Royal Servants will continue to keep you updated with current regulations of the trip you choose.

What happens to my funds if my trip is cancelled?

If Royal Servants cancels your trip you have the option of holding over funds for a Royal Servants trip in 2022. You also have the option for your donors to be refunded. Please note that donations can only be refunded to the original donor.

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