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A ginormous island, Australia is home to koalas, kangaroos, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Outback. Its people are colorful individualists who are direct and outspoken. Travel Down Under and share the gospel with your “cousins” in this former British Empire. Afterwards? Head to New Zealand for a week of debriefing!

Hanging with Chinese students, drinking tea, talking about Jesus, and eating the best food you’ve ever tasted… this will be your ministry in China, and it’ll all be based on relationships. Opportunities abound to share the Good News as you befriend students and explore the eclectic and fascinating cultures of multiple Chinese cities.

Tropical mountain air, bright green coffee farms, a smoking volcano on the horizon. This is your mission field for the next 3 weeks. In the heart of Central America, between the Caribbean and Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica is home to some incredible people - the Ticos. This mission trip is full of cocoa, futbol (soccer), and rewarding ministry.

Ireland is nothing if not beautifully green and full of friendly, boisterous, and down to earth people. Once the mission field of St. Patrick and a vibrant Christian community, the relevance of the Gospel now seems lost amidst the people. Travel to the shores of this Isle and bring the Good News with you this summer!

On the Nehemiah team, we want students to grow, learn, and kindle curiosity as they ask hard questions and take big risks. Imagine doing all of this while walking in the footsteps of Jesus and His first disciples in Israel and you will get just a taste of how unique and special this trip is. (The Nehemiah team is for alumni students and is invite only.)

If you haven’t heard much about these two Latin European countries, you are in for a big surprise! Dive into these amazing cultures, with people and a way of life that is inviting, warm, and life giving. All you need is your backpack and a love for adventure. Join us as we love and learn together in this epic corner of the world.

Travel to this Muslim-majority location in the 10/40 window, situated in northwest Africa. Due to the sensitive nature of doing ministry in this context, we can not publish the name of this country. But contact us directly and we’d love to tell you in person! With endless sights to see and things to learn, this will be an exciting and challenging opportunity.

While this rugged and awe-inspiring country is rapidly developing and changing, Nepal, at the same time, remains rooted in its ancient culture and beliefs. Nearly everyone you meet is either Hindu or Buddhist, and always open and friendly. Despite being a minority, the Christian church is exploding and facing serious persecution, but that hasn’t slowed the spread of the gospel.

Scotland will give you the beautiful green hills and the redheaded, kilt-wearing, bagpipe-blowing Scots that you expect. Absolutely. But, you may be surprised by her large and multi-cultural immigrant population, with people from Poland, East Asia, India, and Pakistan now calling Scotland home. You will have the opportunity to minister to the world in this one awesome country.

Uganda is home to exotic African wildlife and natural wonders; lions, elephants and Africa’s tallest mountain range just to name a few! Sadly, Uganda is also home to significant poverty, as most survive on less than two dollars a day. You’ll be hitting the streets, schools, villages, and orphanages, seeking out the younger population as we share the Good News.

Journey across Europe in a way few truly ever have. You’ll travel by coach bus and camp in exciting locales throughout nine different countries, making a difference in the lives of the people across this continent.

As a member of the Barnabas team, you will help facilitate the smooth operation of Royal Servants Training Camp. You can expect to do a number of jobs – from organizing, cleaning, fixing, and setting up. Anything and everything that will serve Training Camp and help it run efficiently. The Barnabas team is always full of energetic crazies, who for some reason love to serve more than be served

Who Are We?

Royal Servants summer mission trips are for teens and college students who have a desire to impact the world and experience more. Our trips are focused on discipleship and missions, 5 to 8 weeks long, and travel to locations all over the globe. We believe in students and want to see God use them in powerful ways. Join us this summer!

Why Royal Servants?

1. Be Challenged

We seek to call students to rise to the challenge and discover what God has made them capable of. Our trips are longer than most, ranging from 5 to 8 weeks, allowing us to go farther, dig deeper, and experience more.

2. Experience Growth

Stepping into the unknown, fully depending on God, working through difficulties, giving up comfort for service, and discovering adventure… this is where growth happens. This is where God meets us.

3. Make Memories

This is a summer you will not soon forget. You will gain lifelong friendships, make unforgettable memories, and encounter the living God, all alongside amazing people in fascinating and faraway cultures.