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We are so excited to have traveled with you! You are offically are Royal Servants alumni! We are sure that you have had some exciting experiences and stories to tell. That is what makes these mission trips very community driven!

Now that the summer or Kairos year is over, we still want to have that community and discipleship. So we would love to have you stay involved, whether that is going on another trip, following our news feed, sharing some stories, or coming each day for a new devotional, reading tips, or the latest job opportunity!

Your story is powerful. Read and share your own experience with Reign to keep our staff encouraged and possible new recruits

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We want to keep up with you so if you have moved, changed your address, or a new email, we would like to update our records!

Update Your Records

After your summer with us, on Royal Servants, we want to make sure all your business is taking care of once you get home.

Wrap It Up

Want to go deeper serving in ministry? Learn more as alumni!


Reign UK

Be updated on what Reign Ministries is doing. We have many outlets that you can follow so you can help support us in ministry.

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