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Hilltop Express

Would you like to send a note to a Royal Servant while they are at Training Camp? You send them, and we will print and pass them out to the students – simple! We call it the “Hilltop Express”!

Send your student an email while they are at Training Camp! All emails will be printed by 3pm each day and will be passed out to the students after dinner. Emails may be sent as early as June 13th but no later than June 29th by 3pm.

PLEASE NOTE: Your student will not be able to respond to your emails. Also, they are not private so do not send sensitive information. For sensitive information, please contact us directly. Finally, sending via cell phones tend to result in incomplete messages. To ensure a complete message, sending from a desktop/laptop/tablet is recommended.

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Hilltop Express

  • Please do not communicate confidential information. This system is not private or secure