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Here on Royal Servants, our commitment to you is that your son or daughter will be engaged in relevant, effective, challenging ministry, be intentionally discipled in an atmosphere with a spiritual emphasis, and be led by competent, seasoned mission professionals.

Every Royal Servants mission trip follows the same basic format, although it is adjusted to meet the needs of the specific ministry location. Each mission trip has three phases:

1) Training Camp Getting Prepared (8 days)

Training Camp may sound intimidating, but don’t let a name put you off. Simply put, Training Camp is one of the most important aspects of the mission trip. America’s armed forces don’t take raw recruits and toss them straight into battle, neither do we.

Training Camp is a challenging, fast-paced environment designed to give students the tools they need to be successful on the mission field. As a result students and Staff Disciplers will arrive at their overseas ministry site:

  • Spiritually grounded
  • Equipped with ministry tools
  • Bonded as a ministry team
  • Emotionally prepared for the work ahead
  • Ready to immerse themselves in the culture with sensitivity

2) Outreach The ministry overseas (3 to 6 weeks)

Once Training Camp is finished, all teams fly overseas to begin the outreach phase. Each trip’s specific ministry is determined by the location, the vision of the local missionary or church contact, and the needs of the people. We also continue with our program such as:

  • Personal devotions (1 hour)
  • Discipleship group meeting (following devotions; usually 30-45 minutes)
  • Active outreach (anywhere from 6 to 8+ hours)
  • Team meeting – includes teaching, discussion of quiet time assignment, and ministry follow-up (most evenings 1-2 hours)
  • Worship and prayer (up to an hour)

3) Debriefing Bringing it home (3-5 Days)

Each Royal Servants mission trip sets aside time where the Trip Leaders will walk the team through the first practical steps after returning home to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Part of debriefing schedule includes:

  • 3-5 group teachings on the subject of a successful “re-entry”
  • A three-hour period of silence scheduled just to journal and reflect, to look back and see where God worked and how they grew
  • Extended Bible studies on the topics of fear, courage, and obedience

These studies and the other teachings help get the students and Staff Disciplers thinking about what might be getting in the way of a successful transition home. The debriefing teachings will also help them take what they experienced God do in lives and prepare them to take what they learned back home to school or church.


Leadership Team – The leadership team is made up of Trip Leaders (Reign’s full-time staff) and Assistants (seasonal volunteers). The leadership team sets each day’s schedule, arranges the ministry outreach and interacts daily with the local missionaries and/or ministry contacts.

The leadership team also handles the team and participant finances, purchases and helps prepare meals, and deals with medical issues.

Each team’s leadership is made up of qualified youth professionals, not simply individuals who sign up to lead a mission trip.

Trip Leaders

Trip Leaders set the tone for their teams. They are models, teachers, counselors, and mentors to students who need to see a solid example of godliness lived out. Our Trip Leaders have a profound impact in the life of each student. Therefore, we make sure only experienced and qualified youth workers lead Royal Servants mission trips.

To be a Trip Leader a person must be on Reign Ministries’ staff. There is at least one and often two, Trip Leaders leading each team. If there is more than one Reign Ministries’ staff on a trip, there is always one person who has been designated as the final authority and who oversees all aspects of the trip, from finances and medical, to interpersonal relationships and conflict resolution. The Trip Leader is with the team the entire length of the trip - eating the same food, sleeping in the same church (or tents, or dorms, etc.), and going through the same experience as each student and Staff Discipler. They are “on-call” 24/7, and are on hand to deal with any emergencies or issues that may arise during the mission trip.

Royal Servants’ Trip Leaders have the experience, training, and maturity to work seamlessly with our international ministry partners. They organize and balance the demands of the field with the needs of the team, and create an atmosphere where each student and Staff Discipler feels safe. Trip Leaders do most of the teaching on the team. The Trip Leaders also work side-by-side with the Staff Disciplers by offering advice, assistance, and encouragement. And when needed, the Trip Leaders work directly with students whose needs or issues may be more than the Staff Disciplers can handle.

The Trip Leaders are men and women who have many years worth of youth ministry experience and international missions experience. To be a Trip Leader on Royal Servants a person must:

  • Have a minimum of three years youth ministry and/or missions experience
  • Experiences at least one Royal Servants summer mission trip before leading
  • Be dedicated to working with students ages 13 to 24
  • Be intensively trained to create a healthy balance of discipline and fun and know how to lovingly enforce the guidelines while being sensitive to individual needs


An Assistant is a seasonal volunteer who helps with tasks that support the team, such as handling the food, finance, or medical role. They are most often alumni who have been recommended for the role, or first-time adults who want to be on a Royal Servants mission trip, yet do not want to be involved as a Staff Discipler.

Each Trip Leader is assisted by at least two, and most often multiple, Assistants. Each leadership team (Trip Leaders and Assistants) have at least one person of opposite gender of the Trip Leader so both male and female needs can be best addressed.

Staff Disciplers

Staff Disciplers are most often (though not limited to) college-age individuals. They spend a week being prepared for the role one week prior to Training Camp. Staff Disciplers are assigned two to four students of the same gender to form a discipleship group (d-group). Staff Disciplers are trained to equip, encourage, and challenge each student to go deeper in their walk with Christ. A Staff Discipler is part shepherd, model, encourager, mentor, listener, and accountability partner. Their role is to live and minister alongside the students!


Royal Servants is very intentional about making sure that each student is discipled during the entire mission trip – beginning at Training Camp and continuing throughout debriefing. Therefore, each Staff Discipler is assigned 2-4 students (same gender, of course) who will be in that "d-group" the entire summer. We aim for a ratio of 1 Staff Discipler to 4 students or less.

We feel an essential ingredient of effective discipleship is a focus on God’s Word. We also greatly value seeing God’s Word get into a student’s life therefore,Trip Leaders assign a memory verse for each day and set aside an hour nearly every day for personal devotions.

The discipleship model we work from is life-on-life. That means that the Staff Disciplers (and the leadership team) are living, interacting, and ministering alongside the students during the summer. Their role is to meet with their group each day after devotions, to process through and discuss the daily devotions that were assigned. They are there to listen, talk, and pray through issues, problems, and frustrations that students may be experiencing.

Another part of the discipleship process is simply learning how to work with, respect, and care for others on the team. Our teams make their own food, and d-groups rotate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner preparation. This allows some good connection points for the staff and the d-group to serve the whole team.


The cost of each mission trip is listed on each trip’s specific page on the website. The cost of the mission trip includes almost all meals and transportation once a student or Staff Discipler arrives at Training Camp or the initial meeting area in Chicago.

Potential Additional Expenses

Possible expenses outside of the mission trip costs are:


All trips require a passport. Your son or daughter will need to obtain a passport if they do not already have one.

Visa - (if applicable)

Not all trips require a visa to enter the country. The trips that currently require visas are China, Nepal, and Sierra Leone. We will provide detailed instructions on how and where to obtain a visa if the trip requires one.

Domestic Travel

Transportation costs to Chicago (or Training Camp) to begin the mission trip are not included in the price of the trip.

All participants have a choice to drive directly to Training Camp or to meet Reign Ministries’ staff in Chicago to begin the mission trip. For those who choose to meet in Chicago, Royal Servants will provide transportation (included in cost) from Chicago to Wisconsin to begin Training Camp.

The mission trip officially ends once each team arrives back at Chicago O’Hare airport from overseas. Each participant needs to either be met at the airport or arrange a flight home on the day of the team’s arrival.

Baggage Fees (if applicable)

Each participant is allowed one checked bag for the international portion of the mission trip. However, participants are responsible for any baggage fees that the airlines may charge as a result of a domestic flight to and/or from the mission trip.


  • Physical – Each person is required to have a basic physical examination signed by a doctor
  • Immunizations and Prescriptions – Some mission trips require participants to get certain immunizations and/or to bring relevant medication. Country specific information will found in the Preparation Packet
  • Insurance – All participants are required to have insurance which covers them at Training Camp and overseas


Each participant is issued a matching pack for the mission trip. A $65.00 deposit for the pack is added to the cost of the mission trip. The deposit is then refunded once the pack is returned to Reign Ministries at the end of the mission trip.

Packing List

There may be some items that you will need to purchase. More details are found in the packing list that is included in the Prep Packet. The Prep Packet is sent to each student or Staff Discipler once their application process is completed.

We understand there are a growing number of students coming on Royal Servants with gluten, nut, lactose, and other food allergies. If your son or daughter has a food allergy, please contact Margaret in our office at We will work with each individual to try to best meet their needs within the restrictions of their Royal Servants trip location. Close
Royal Servants takes the safety and health of each participant seriously. We go to the greatest lengths to ensure that your son/daughter remains healthy and is safe throughout the trip. We are aware that we work with parents’ greatest treasures, their children. Therefore, no student is allowed to be alone in any city; Royal Servants always travel in groups of three or more, with either a male or a staff discipler in each group. The Trip Leaders also continually monitor conditions within the host country. If a situation arises that threatens the security of the team, either politically or from environmental conditions, the team will be moved to a stable location.Close

We love that we can update you as parents, supporters, family, and friends of the teams’ safe arrivals, and even show you a peek into their trips when photos are sent back to us. Our goal is to keep you updated as time and internet accessibility will allow us for the teams this summer. For many teams, updates are limited because internet access is rarely available. We will do our best to keep you informed of their safe travels, ministry testimonies, and overall trip happenings.

There are several ways to receive information and updates from our trips while they are at Training Camp or overseas:

1. Subscribe to Reign Ministries

Subscribing to Reign Ministries (availability coming soon) ensures that you will get all the latest updates. You will receive an email at 5 PM (central time) containing a collection of updates from that day.

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2. Visit Our Royal Servants Trip Updates >>

This is where we post all of the trip updates (including text, pictures, and videos) in one place and is also the same updates that are sent via email with our subscribing service.

3. Follow us on Social Media


Would you like to send a note to a Royal Servant while they are at Training Camp? You send them, we print them, and our Trip Leaders will pass them out to the students-simple!

All emails must be sent between the dates of June 10 and July 28th before 3PM. They will be printed each day (by 3PM) and then passed out to the students.

PLEASE NOTE: Your student will not be able to respond to your emails and these are not private so do not send sensitive information. For sensitive information, please contact us directly.

This will be available in June

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A Parents Perspective


Evan (RS Student)

If anyone is thinking of Royal Servants you should do it for sure. So many people are famished for the...
If anyone is thinking of Royal Servants you should do it for sure. So many people are famished for the truth, peace, and love of Christ. Not only can you see their life change but yours will as well. God will and can use you if you allow Him. So thank you Royal Servants and thank you Lord! – Evan

Abby (Student)

I had an amazing time on the Poland team in 2013! God showed me how to trust Him in all...
I had an amazing time on the Poland team in 2013! God showed me how to trust Him in all circumstances and give up control of my life. I met some amazing people and I will never forget it. It was an awesome experience! – Abby

Matthew (Student)

Royal Servants has giving me the opportunity to serve others, share my faith, grow deeper in love, experience a new...
Royal Servants has giving me the opportunity to serve others, share my faith, grow deeper in love, experience a new culture, find a new understanding of scripture, have a family of teens that are on fire for God and fall in love with my Father who loves me. I feel prepared to take what I have learned from this summer of service and begin a lifetime of ministry. – Matthew

Devin (Student)

I now have a much greater confidence in talking to strangers about Christ. – Devin
I now have a much greater confidence in talking to strangers about Christ. – Devin

Phoebe (Student)

During this summer, I have fallen more deeply in love with God and have begun the life-long journey of getting...
During this summer, I have fallen more deeply in love with God and have begun the life-long journey of getting to know him more. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be on a Royal Servant team this summer, and I am so excited to see how God uses this experience in the years to come. – Phoebe


My son went with Royal Servants to Sierra Leone Africa this summer. While in Africa he was able to share...
My son went with Royal Servants to Sierra Leone Africa this summer. While in Africa he was able to share the gospel with people in cities and villages. I really appreciate this. Some trips are just work projects. Not with Royal Servants. The students are trained to share the gospel and have many chances to do so. My son grew spiritually, was able to deal with sin issues in his life, and grew in his confidence to share the gospel. I would strongly encourage anyone considering going on a trip with reign to send their child. It is not for the faint of heart, but it is for those who are looking for an experience that will help your child grow to be more like Christ. – Kevin


The Royal Servants program is time-tested and mother-approved!! We've sent two sons (ages 15 and 16) overseas with R.S. with...
The Royal Servants program is time-tested and mother-approved!! We've sent two sons (ages 15 and 16) overseas with R.S. with faith in the Lord to protect and keep them under the watchful guidance of the Royal Servants staff. We have not been disappointed. No lost passports, no lost luggage, no lost boys!!! They came face-to-face with the lost world and came home with great appreciation for their blessings and a level of awareness that makes them even more responsible and faithful at home!! – Paula


I can highly recommend Royal Servants to anyone who might be considering sending their son or daughter. Royal Servants took...
I can highly recommend Royal Servants to anyone who might be considering sending their son or daughter. Royal Servants took a real personal interest in the safety, well being and spiritual growth of our daughter. God was so faithful to provide the needed funds, so quickly, through our generous and loving church family. Our daughter had only to pray and to ask. As parents, we said many times, "We feel so blessed that our daughter had this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! – Karen