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Royal Servants FAQs

Questions you need answered? Check out our Royal Servants FAQs (frequently asked questions) below to see if your question is already answered! If not, please contact our department! We would love to help!

The deadline for Staff Discipler registrations is June 2nd. Student registrations are due by June 9th. Although we accept registrations up to the deadline dates we cannot guarantee space on your first choice of mission trip. Trips typically begin to fill towards the end of April.   More importantly, Royal Servants is required to purchase and book international airline tickets beginning May 1st. If you apply for a mission trip close to, or after, that deadline and do not have funds to pay for the tickets at the time of booking, the cost of the flight may increase and/or space on the flight may not be available at a later date. Please call Reign Ministries for further information. For more due dates » Close
All funds for your mission trip are due on June 28th. If you are unable to raise the funds by that time you have a couple of options. First, you can pay the remaining balance with a credit card. Second, a “hold” for the remaining balance can be put on a credit card until July 13th. This allows additional time for more support to come in. If the funds do not come in by that date, the card will be charged for the remaining balance on the account. If you or your parents do not have a credit card or decide not to choose either of the previous options, unfortunately, you will not be able to travel overseas.Close
Contributions raised for your Royal Servants’ mission trip are non-refundable. If you cancel your trip the guidelines in regard to their finances are as follows:
  • Support (less penalties and costs already incurred) can be transferred to another student or staff discipler to be used for the same year. Please note: funds cannot be transferred to Reign Ministries staff members.
  • Support (less penalties/costs already incurred) can be held over for one year and used by the original participant or immediate family member toward any Royal Servants mission trip.
Yes, we do have mission trips that fill up. Therefore the earlier you submit your registration and start to raise the support the better chance you have in joining the team that’s your first choice.Close
We are able to accommodate most food allergies on many of our teams. If your allergies (for example, gluten free), necessitate us to purchase additional and/or specific food items, you will be required to raise an additional $200 to accommodate the requirements. Please contact us for more information and to discuss if the trip you've chosen is right for you.Close
The cost of each mission trip includes international airfare, accommodations, ministry supplies, food, and Training Camp expenses. Each participant must also send in a designated amount of spending money that is not included in the price of the mission trip. Additional costs may include obtaining a passport, domestic travel, and visa. Close
No. The spending money we require is more than sufficient for personal needs, as well as gifts for family and/or friends. Bringing too much money could potentially distract students from the real purpose of the summer, which is the mission trip and not shopping for souvenirs.Close
Yes you can. If you are a Staff Discipler you can raise extra dollars above and beyond the cost of the mission trip. The extra funds can be reimbursed (minus 10% administration fee) as a stipend. The IRS allows this when an adult is volunteering their time in a non-profit organization. Please contact Reign Ministries for additional details. Please note: This program is NOT available for students.Learn more information »Close
No. But Royal Servants is a great way to use any language skills you have. Many of the people we come into contact with speak English. We also have the Connecting With God booklet in the native languages of the countries in which we work. Often you will work hand-in-hand with local church members who are bilingual. On some teams we use an interpreter to help share the Gospel. It is always amazing to see God work in peoples’ lives despite the language barrier.Close
In most instances your team will work with local churches or missionaries that follow-up with your contacts and continue the work. On EuroQuest much of your witnessing is to European tourists who are often far from their homes which makes follow-up difficult. We do, however, try to refer them to missionaries and/or churches when possible.Close
After you have sent in your registration and registration fee, and we have received your church reference form, you will be sent an acceptance email confirming your trip choice. We will also send you a Royal Servant Prep Packet. If there is difficulty with accepting your registration we will contact you.Close
You must be 13 years old by the end of June or graduated from 7th grade to participate on Royal Servants mission trips.Close
Not a refund. Each check written for your outreach is a tax-deductible gift and the money cannot be refunded. But you have three options:
  • Reign Ministries can hold extra support in an account to be used the following year.
  • Extra support can be transferred to another person on your trip that may be short of funds.
  • You can use extra support to get reimbursed for certain (not all) items directly related to your mission trip. These items include domestic airline ticket, international travel insurance, sleeping bag, etc. Click here for additional reimbursable items.
At Training Camp you will get up early and run an obstacle course with your team. This is a team building experience and not an individual test of endurance. Then you will then spend a couple of hours on a work project, which is a great way to build relationships with your new team members. After breakfast you will spend time in worship, devotions, group teaching, and discipleship group time. In the afternoon you will work with your other team members in developing the skill groups you’ll use for ministry overseas. Each evening brings worship, powerful teaching sessions, followed by time spent with your individual team in a “family time” of sharing, prayer, and team building.Close
Each team individualizes its ministry to reflect the needs of the location. Because of this, schedules vary and there is no real “typical” day. However, on the mission field all teams will have daily devotions, worship, and teaching, though the time of the day this happens may vary. For instance, on EuroQuest, devotions and teaching time happen in the morning. Then after lunch the team might go to a city square or park and put on a ministry program followed by witnessing. You may also spend the afternoon building relationships with those in the community. In the evening you might put on another program or simply have some team sharing, worship, and prayer. Each day you will have some time to get some personal things done and see the country you are in.Close
Training Camp lays the proper foundation for all the work the Lord is going to do in you and through you. It’s a place where all participants switch gears from the busy life and circumstances at home and focus on the ministry ahead. It is a time of team bonding, small group formation, and spiritual preparation. At Training Camp we develop and train you in the skills (music, drama, dance, puppets, or sports) that you will use to help communicate the gospel. Because of Training Camp you will be fully prepared for the task ahead; you’ll arrive at your mission destination armed with a proper attitude, spiritually grounded, and equipped with ministry tools, ready to immerse yourself in the culture with sensitivity. Each person on a Royal Servants team will leave Training Camp more than a team – you’ll be a family – with a love and appreciation for each “family” member that will communicate the love of Jesus to everyone you encounter! Close
Royal Servants specializes in sending individual students who are seeking a stretching growth step. We take youth groups, but most are individual students who come together for the first time at Training Camp. Royal Servants also sets up mission trips for youth groups, usually during spring break. If you are a youth leader interested in having your trip facilitated by trained mission professionals, please give us a call! Close
Reign Ministries is a non-denominational organization serving Christian denominations and churches. Check out our statement of faith and feel free to call with more specific questions.Close
Are you considering Royal Servants and can't find answer(s) here? If so, please call us at (763) 535-9555. If you get the auto-attendant, dial 721 to speak to one of our staff about Royal Servants. Are you signed up to come and cannot find answers to your question(s)? If so, please refer to the Student, Staff, or Parent Prep Packet you received in the mail. Duplicate copies can be downloaded from our website. If you still have trouble finding your answer please call us at (763) 535-9555 X721. However, during June we will be at Training Camp, so please call us at (608) 429-1368. If you would like to ask a question online, please contact us and someone will be in contact with you shortly >>Close

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