Although China is a communist country that is unsympathetic to Christianity, there are still many ways to legally share the faith you have in Christ. If you go on the China mission trip, your team will be hosting two English “Culture and Language” Exchanges (or Camps, as the Chinese call them). Each is a fun, varied, activity-based program specifically designed to build relationships, spark questions, and initiate significant spiritual conversations. Much of your ministry will be hanging out with Chinese students, drinking tea, talking about Jesus, and eating the best food you’ve ever tasted. Not only that, you’ll get to see some amazing historical sites, like the Great Wall and the Forbidden City.

outreachYou and your team will work in two different Chinese cities where you will facilitate English "Culture and Language" Camps. In each program, you and your teammates will be paired with Chinese students, giving them the valuable opportunity to develop their English speaking and listening skills, while opening up the door for you to grow in your understanding of their culture, their beliefs, and build friendships with them in which you can organically share your faith in Christ. How well does this work? I'll simply let the words of a Chinese student from a previous program answer that question in his own words: “Tom (the Trip Leader), you have given us the light. You not only helped us improve our English level, but also you brought us joy and love. You taught us how to face life happily, how to treat people, and doing things right. There is an old Chinese saying, ’All within the four seas are brothers, and distance can’t separate true friends who feel so close, even when they are thousands of miles apart.’ I’m here to thank you on behalf of all Chinese students.” Close
what-will-i-eatMost days you’ll be let loose to dine in the tiny (sometimes just three tables) local restaurants. We know some of you may not be huge fans of Chinese food, but that’s about to change. The food is so good that every year students experience their mouths being born again! You’ll be eating things like sweet and sour pork (not the overly sweet glop you find in Chinese restaurants in North America), freshly made dumplings (pot stickers), steaming bowls of noodles, tender sizzling beef, and a whole lot more. The fruit is local and often exotic… ever had a dragon fruit or a lychee nut? And let’s not forget the vegetables! Veggies that you’d normally toss down the garbage disposal at home are so delicious you’ll gladly devour every bit! Eating in China is a Total. Food. Experience. And if you’re an adventurous and brave eater, there is always something new for you to try, like sea cucumber, steamed goat blood (looks like yogurt), or maybe nibble on a cooked chicken foot (or is it a claw?) Your taste buds will never (happily) be the same!Close
where-will-i-sleepChina is a BIG country and the team does a lot of traveling, so you’re probably going to spend at least two nights on long-distance trains, surrounded by your teammates as you make your way to your ministry destinations. However, most of the time you’ll be sleeping in small (non-moving) Chinese hotels or in college dorm rooms.Close

China is halfway around the world, so you’d better like to travel and have a sense of adventure if you choose this mission trip! But more than that, China is great for students who value friendships, like to get to know other people, and feel most comfortable talking about Jesus within the context of a relationship. Do you like to explore new things? Are you willing to minister hard and live outside the box? Can you step out and be courageous? If so, you and China will get along just fine!

adventureThe China mission trip travels more miles than any other Royal Servants team. You’ll be hauling cross-country in trains and buses (over 3700 miles!) to ministry destinations where you probably won’t see another Westerner for weeks. You and your teammates will venture out to remote villages, hike through rice paddies (warning: don’t pet the water buffalo), race to the top of the Great Wall, zip around town in rickshaws, drink amazing tea, chew on boiled chicken feet (if you’re brave enough), and by the end of the trip you’ll be travel pro’s and chopstick experts!Close
spiritual-growthYou’re going to grow on any mission trip you choose with Royal Servants, but China will often stretch and grow you in special and unexpected ways! You’re going to be busy doing ministry nearly every day, spend significant time studying and discussing the Bible (in a small group and as a team), and focus on prayer with a sense of expectation. Sure, I can tell you how you’ll grow, but I’d like you to hear first-hand from former China students:

  • “Worship gave me the opportunity to ask, praise, thank, and experience God’s presence… and setting aside time to thank God not only helped my attitude in everyday situations, but also made me mindful of how He was continually working.”
  • “I grew spiritually by letting go of control and yielding to His plan for my life. It was a difficult thing to do and taught me how to put my trust in Him. I realized that my way isn't the best way.”
  • “Being able to discuss what we studied during quiet time encouraged me to grow spiritually; it allowed me to hear my peer’s perspective on the passages we read and was a great opportunity to see how God was speaking in their lives.”
  • “Before this trip I didn’t like worship, it was scary and foreign. Coming to China taught me to love worship and pour out my heart. I could feel the Holy Spirit moving and it was amazing!”
experience-cultureIn some countries you have to be intentional to experience the culture; in China, you simply have to walk out the door! The sights, the sounds…China is a full-sensory experience that lets you know that you’re not at home anymore! You’ll sleep local, eat local, and travel local. You’ll get into Chinese homes for meals, ride in motorized rickshaws, and be squeezed like a sardine in the Beijing subway. Like the Chinese, you’ll learn how to use chopsticks, walk through big crowds (harder than you think), and dodge motorcycles as you cross the street. But just a word of advice: when buying an ice cream bar you need to know that what is pictured on the outside of the package may not resemble what you actually find inside the wrapper! Though it may look good on the cover, bean-curd ice cream does NOT taste the same as chocolate!Close
ministry-partnersChina is a closed country and missionaries who work there have to do it on the down-low. So if we told you who you were going to work with, we’d have to duct tape your mouth shut and make you promise on the life of your first-born child that you wouldn’t tell anyone. Bottom line is we work with missionaries and Chinese believers who provide the follow up on those Chinese who choose to follow Christ or show an interest. They are good people -- passionate, focused, and committed to making Christ’s message available to all Chinese.Close
debriefingFor those on the China mission trip, debriefing is critical on a couple of levels. First, because the schedule is really full and working in a small group context is tiring – you’ll need a break! Debriefing is a time to play (you can climb the Great Wall and roam the Forbidden City), shop, and eat Western food again! Debriefing is a period of reflection – to see how God worked in your life and through your life. It also gives you time to bring closure to your ministry and prepare yourself to transition back home. Just because the active ministry may be over during debriefing, it is a hugely important time as the Lord continues His work in your life!Close


  1. Students June 24 - August 5
  2. Staff Disciplers June 17 - August 5
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China Required Support

  • Students
  • Airfare & Ground Costs: $4,195
  • Spending Money: $315
  • TOTAL: $4510
  • Staff
  • Airfare & Ground Costs: $4,195
  • Spending Money: $350
  • TOTAL: $4545

*$USD. For information about Canadian contributions and tax deductibility for Canadian citizen contact our Headquarters. The China mission trip does require a visa, $145 USD for American citizens and $151 CND for Canadian citizens.

China Trip Leader

  • Tom Ives - Full Bio >>
  • I lead the China mission trip. Cereal and milk is my meal of choice. I love hiking and take my boots most places I visit just in case. I’ve also led teams to Russia, Vietnam, India, Nepal, and all across Europe.
  • Holly Duke - Full Bio >>
  • I am a Royal Servants Trip Leader. I've been traveling with Royal Servants since 2000. I love students and watching them discover what God has for them! I also love taking pictures and eating potato chips!

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God does incredible things through Royal Servants, you really feel like you are being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ and there is no better place to be. Royal Servants stretches you in ways you never thought you'd go and they challenge you to share your faith in ways you never thought you'd be comfortable with. After a summer with RS you'll never be the same and it’s the best thing in the world.