Costa Rica

Some come for the jungle-lined beaches, others come for the strong, tasty, and smooth cups of coffee, and others for the ubiquitous cultura del futbol (soccer). There’s a host of things that lure millions of tourists to Costa Rica every year, but we want you to come with a greater purpose in mind – to the share the Good News with this country’s warm and generous people. So come, experience the adventure that is waiting to be had in this Central American land!

*Note: Soccer in Costa Rica is highly competitive; however, we will have pickup games for everyone who wants to play.

There is a cultura del futbol that exists beyond national and cultural boundaries and is prolific throughout the Central and South American world. Futbol, American soccer, being so engrained throughout the culture and unifying of all sorts of diverse people, becomes an excellent way to connect with the locals and use as a touchpoint to share the Gospel. But the Costa Rica Trip is more than that - it’s a summer of reaching out to the locals and forming meaningful relationships through visits to locals schools, using street performances to initiate conversations, and hosting hot cocoa parties back at the church! So whether it’s out on the playing field, in the busy streets of San Jose, or the classrooms of mountainous villages, you’re going to be challenged and stretched to share your faith where it matters.Close
Costa Rican cuisine can be summed up in three words: rice, beans, and coffee. While you can be sure to have those things on the regular, that isn’t to say you won’t also be able to taste the locally grown, delicious fruit and vegetables, or eat the best bread you’ve ever had from the village panaderia (bakery). You’ll return home seriously disappointed in the American produce market. Close
You’ll be staying in the same location that a long line of Royal Servants have before you, a church with volcanic views in the heart of the village Cachi. This church has been recently renovated to ensure a quality night’s sleep for you and your team. It’s no Hyatt or Best Western, but it’s cozy and centrally located, bringing you shoulder-to-shoulder with the locals. Close
This trip has something for everybody. Whether that’s playing soccer, practicing your high school Spanish, or an affinity towards a slower, more relaxed Latin culture, and any of that sounds appealing to you, then Costa Rica might be your best fit. The weeks you’ll spend in Costa Rica will be full of adventure and sharing God’s love for His people - anyone up for that should go! Close
By being located simply where it is, in the heart of Central America, Costa Rica is synonymous with adventure and discovery. With coastlines on both sides of the country (Pacific to the west, Caribbean to the east), and a rugged rainforest in between, the very place is teeming with things to do and places to see. One day you’ll be hiking through the jungle on your way to do ministry in a village and spot spider monkeys and sloths, and the next, you’ll be brushing of the sand between your toes from the beach. There will be waterfalls, volcanos, and organic coffee farms, all of them waiting to be explored. And the best part, you’ll get to do it with your team - initially a group of total strangers who will soon become like family! Close
Spiritual growth just happens when you are engaging in God’s work. Just like all other Royal Servants trips, throughout your time in Costa Rica you’ll engage with the Word and spend time in prayer on a daily basis. Not only that, but you’ll be intentionally discipled in small groups and challenged to both memorize Scripture and articulate your faith in Jesus to others in a natural and personable way. Sometimes it takes stepping outside of what’s comfortable and familiar to us to recognize what God might be doing in our own hearts and in the lives of those around us. So while Costa Rica may not be the most foreign and culturally-shocking destination, it’s still a place where you’ll be challenged and where you’ll grow, if you allow it. Close
If you haven’t gathered this yet, know that the Latin culture is one that is known for it’s warm and laid-back approach to life. And Costa Rica is the embodiment of that. In a country whose motto is ¡Pura vida! (Pure Life!), you can expect to find a people who simply love life and take their time to enjoy it! Relationships are key in warm cultures like this, and so expect to make friends and learn more about their way of life as you share a cup of coffee, stroll through the street markets, or hangout between futbol matches. The way of life down there is infectious and you’ll find yourself wanting to incorporate elements of it back into your life at home! Close
The Royal Servants has had a long-standing and vibrant work relationship with a local pastor, Alfonso, and his church in the city of Cachi. You’ll come alongside him and his wife, Grace, as you travel throughout the city and to various villages sprinkled throughout the surrounding mountains. Pastor Alfonso has a passion for reaching his fellow Costa Ricans, and you will walk away from the summer inspired by his zeal and challenged to bring that home with you. Close
After spending several weeks packed full of ministry outreaches in the schools, on the streets, and on the futbol field, you’ll wrap it all up and spend your last several days reflecting and preparing for home right on the white sandy beaches that line the Pacific coast. Your days will be intentionally scheduled out, allowing you the space to reflect on all that this summer has held for you, to process the things that God had done in you, through you, and why that all matters. But debriefing isn’t just that, it’s a time to relax, to play, and have fun, celebrating a summer of serving God and doing Kingdom work. Be sure to pack your sunscreen, those beaches can get sunny! Close


  1. Students June 23 - July 28
  2. Staff Disciplers June 16 - July 28
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Costa Rica Required Support

  • Students
  • Airfare & Ground Costs: $2950
  • Spending Money: $260
  • TOTAL: $3210
  • Staff
  • Airfare & Ground Costs: $2950
  • Spending Money: $295
  • TOTAL: $3245

*$USD. For information about Canadian contributions and tax deductibility for Canadian citizen contact our Headquarters. The Costa Rica mission trip does not require a visa.

Costa Rica Trip Leader

  • Rainer Powell - Full Bio >>
  • People say my name incorrectly, probably because I do too… my southern accent gets in the way. We currently serve with youth ministries, church ministries, and feeding ministries in our hometown in Mississippi. And I will be leading the Costa Rica mission trip.

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I loved Costa Rica. I loved my team. I loved getting to know them and the local "Ticos." I got the chance to meet some very strong Christians, who were able to mentor me and help me to grow in my faith and relationship with God. We did a lot of street ministry. I liked being on the dance team, it pushed me a bit outside of my comfort level! We used our performances and daily soccer games to get to know the Costa Rican people. The food... I loved it! We had a slightly different meal every day, and it was always fantastic. I am so glad I got the chance to be a Royal Servant last summer!