Greece — how does one describe her? Is it by her robust and rich history – the land of Plato, Socrates, and the ferocious soldiers of Sparta – regarded as one of the most ancient and classical civilizations in the world? Or is it by the modern, lively, and colorful country she’s become today, with the streets of Athens and Thessaloniki bustling with locals and tourists alike gorging on cold ice cream and sweet pastries into the wee hours of the night? Regardless, if you join the Greece mission trip, you will have an opportunity to share the Gospel message in the shadow of the Parthenon, and in some of the same places the Apostle Paul preached centuries before, right in the heart of the Mediterranean world.

imageOn this trip you will be able to partner with Greek teens and participate in outreaches to the homeless, marginalized, refugees, and individuals who may have been impacted by human trafficking. In Athens, you will be able to use the street performances learned at Training Camp to spark conversations with Greeks in the city, as well as be the hands and feet of Christ as you help serve hot meals to the refugees and homeless who have found a temporary home in AthensClose
10393576_10202468138292353_6937881326071353514_nConsidered by some to be the healthiest diet in the world, Greek cuisine incorporates influences from around the Mediterranean world with its wide use of fresh meats, vegetables, feta cheese, olive oil, grains, and seafood. Think lamb gyros, Greek yogurt, iced coffee, and sweet baklava! In other words, delicious!Close
Whether it’s in the foothills of Mount Olympus, or in the shadows of the Acropolis, you’ll be staying in the churches of our partners, experiencing the hospitality of the Greek people firsthand! But be sure to bring your sleeping bag and pad, because a floor is a floor, no matter what country you’re in.Close
who-should-goThe Greek people are some of the most generous, hospitable, loud, and loving people on the planet. If you’re not intimidated by that and if you have a sense of adventure, but want to have an experience that is full of growth, challenge, intentionality, and impact – you’re a perfect candidate for the Greece mission trip. Close
10526139_10202468121971945_2615397401227909332_nTo quote the man himself, Aristotle once said, “Adventure is worthwhile.” You and your teammates just may have the opportunity to re-trace the footsteps of Paul as you start your journey in the north near Thessaloniki and make your way south to the cities Athens and Korinthos. You’ll experience everything in this Mediterranean country, from the mountain slopes of Mount Olympus, to the sunny streets of Athens. You’ll be able to stand in the shadows of the Parthenon and overlook Mars Hill and the ancient market street where Paul called out the statue of the unknown god (Acts 17:23). Then explore the streets of Athens and revel in the mix of old and new cultures side by side, and come to understand firsthand the expression “It’s all Greek to me!” as you take a stab at practicing the Greek language.Close
spiritual-growthYou’re going to have an abundance of opportunities to share your faith, not only with Greeks, but with people from all over the world! It’s not always going to be easy, or comfortable, but as you engage in diverse ministry opportunities, you’ll be put into situations where you’re going to grow, be challenged in your faith, and be exposed to the many ways that God is at work in the Mediterranean and European world!Close
10418178_10202468082770965_516274995524414324_n What makes Greece unique is that it has a culture that has been alive and flourishing for over 3,000 years! So much of the modern world has been shaped and formed by Greek culture and thinking: democracy, education, medicine, philosophy, and entertainment. Experience the land of Greek mythology, the birthplace of the Olympics, and the best Greek yogurt you’ll ever have in your life (Yoplait will never be the same). But beyond all of this, easily the best part of Greek culture are the people themselves! After experiencing their warm hearts, abundant generosity, and infectious laughter, you’ll have a hard time leaving.Close
You’ll have the opportunity to partner with local Greek churches, youth groups, and ministries to reach out to both the Greek and immigrant communities. The passion and energy of your ministry partners will be both encouraging and infections, and send you home with a heart for God’s people all over the world.Close
The team will debrief in Athens, reveling in all the adventures that God has fashioned throughout the summer, and do it while exploring and playing in one of the most amazing historical cities on the planet. You’ll spend time journaling, praying, reflecting and preparing for returning and impacting your world for Christ back home. Debriefing is a rich and fun time, and the perfect way to cap an impactful summer. Close


  1. Students June 24 - July 29
  2. Staff Disciplers June 17 - July 29
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  • TOTAL: $4330

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  • I am leading the Greece mission trip. I live in Southern California. When I eat out, my favorite thing to eat is a turkey and cheese sub sandwich from Subway. I have been bitten by a brown recluse spider.

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