North Africa

This trip represents a unique opportunity to travel with Royal Servants to the 10/40 window and serve in this incredible country in northwest Africa. Though we haven’t published the name publicly, shoot us a message and we’d love to tell you the specifics of where we are going.

This location is rich and vibrant with culture. Travelers are warmly welcomed and there are endless sights to see. The population is largely made up of Islamic believers, and is known for its hospitality. Even still, sharing your faith in this context will be no small task, but desperately needed.

You’ll travel in groups and on foot, meeting people throughout the city, making friends and striking up conversations. These conversations will take place with shop owners, locals, travelers, and the list goes on. You’ll use these opportunities to turn the conversation into something more meaningful, discussing life, customs, and faith. Get an in-depth and firsthand understanding of Islamic tradition, and engage meaningfully with individuals who hold those traditions close to their hearts.   You’ll have the opportunity to break down cultural barriers, overcome derogatory stereotypes on both sides, and find ways to connect personally with others whose lives are very different from your own. These conversations won’t always be easy, and will require practice, but you can expect to get plenty of that.   Another crucial element of ministry on this trip is going to be bringing serious worship and prayer to this part of the world. You’ll be engaging daily in extended times of prayer on matters both specific and broad. You’ll also engage in daily worship next to long-term missionaries who are calling on God to move in big ways in this country. The purpose of these times will be to seek sustenance from God in a challenging environment, and to exalt His name in a place where so few ever do. Close
We’ll cook many of our meals as a team, keeping it relatively simple and basic, but good for getting you the energy you need to keep you going. But expect to get out and try some of the local fare, as the food here is amazing. Featuring all kinds of Mediterranean dishes like couscous, bastilla, and tajine, often loaded with some of the best lamb, seafood, and goat you could eat. Top it off with some mint tea, and you’ll be hooked for life. Close
Tents and sleeping bags in this desert region just won’t cut it. You’ll be sleeping in small, safe hotels located in the heart of the city with lots of shopping, food, and activity around. Lodging will be complete with the bedding you need, electrical outlets, towels, and meeting space. Air conditioning? Not so much. But hey, it’s a dry heat… right?Close
An ambitious traveler with incredible patience. Someone who is eager to explore, wander, try new things, and meet new people. Plan for lots of walking, and lots of desert heat with no air conditioning. Someone who enjoys striking up conversations with strangers will do well with the ministry here. And if you are eager to learn about others’ perspectives, are adaptable to a new environment and like to learn by experience, you might have just found your trip for this summer.Close
Trains, buses, taxis, ferries, and camels offer some unique options for transportation. Explore the open air markets, try food unique to this part of the world, and meander the ancient narrow streets. This trip is about seeing what is possible and thoughtfully soaking in every experience. Allowing God to direct your steps means just about anything can happen and rarely is it comfortable or easy. But when is true adventure ever comfortable or easy?Close
Seeing the results of our efforts this summer won’t be immediate and often invisible, so you will learn to lean on the understanding that God is at work in unseen ways, using your efforts to build His kingdom. You will grow in your ability to articulate your faith with sincerity and conviction. You can expect to grow in compassion and empathy for others whose lives are vastly different from yours. Expect to connect with God on a deeper level in times of passionate prayer and worship. This trip is going to present some new and unexpected challenges on a daily basis. Each day will be a new step of faith, seeking to trust God more and allow Him to take you well outside of your own comfort zone. Close
First time experiences will be your new normal as you explore this transient region frequented by tourists, heavily influenced by Western culture, yet still rooted in ancient traditions. This place has an incredibly rich heritage with art, music, and cuisine that stands apart from the rest of the world. Witness the wild beauty in everyday life, and stick around long enough for this place to start to feel like home. Close
We’re partnering with long term missionaries who know the scene and are deeply invested in the people you are there to serve. Our goal will be to do the bidding of those faithful workers, to go where they say to go, to do what they say to do. Meanwhile, expect our ministry partners to keep a low profile and put some distance between them and us, so there is little risk of compromising their security there. Even still you’ll enjoy the opportunity to worship alongside them and hear their stories of life on the field. Close
There’s going to be a lot to think about by the time this trip comes to a close. Expect to have your perspective on the world shaken up and readjusted many times over. Your faith in God will have gone to new depths, and the prospect of returning home may leave you feeling anxious, uncertain, and maybe excited about what lies ahead. We’ll take time as a team to process the many conversations, experiences, adventures and misadventures. We’ll seek God’s perspective and guiding on how we can take this entirely unique experience, and go home with a better understanding of how He is redeeming this world, and what you can be doing to help. Close


  1. Students June 23 - July 28
  2. Staff Disciplers June 16 - July 28
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North Africa Required Support

  • Students
  • Airfare & Ground Costs: $3995
  • Spending Money: $385
  • TOTAL: $4380
  • Staff
  • Airfare & Ground Costs: $3995
  • Spending Money: $420
  • TOTAL: $4415

*$USD. For information about Canadian contributions and tax deductibility for Canadian citizen contact our Headquarters.

North Africa Trip Leader

  • Job Hammond - Full Bio >>
  • I am the Trip Leader along with my wife, Bethany. I believe that the opportunity to serve God in a foreign culture and context can be a life-altering experience, which is why I love leading teams for Royal Servants. This summer I am especially excited for the unique needs and ministry opportunities that are sure to come in Africa.

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