Travel with us across Scotland as we minister in the loud, crowded, multi-cultural neighborhoods of Glasgow, and then in the small and beautiful lakeside town of Dunoon. You will partner with local churches to reach out to Scottish teens, many of whom come from broken homes and live in poverty, as well as to immigrants looking for a better life. On ferries, busses, and your own two feet, you will explore this wild and mountainous country that will provide countless opportunities to share the Good News with the wonderful people of Scotland! All that’s needed is an open heart and your hiking boots.

outreachYou and your teammates will be working in two different locations in Scotland, and work alongside churches and youth groups to minister to communities that are amazingly multicultural. One neighborhood has over 50 languages represented, and some flats (apartments) have up to 20 people crammed in and living together. Roma Gypsy, Polish, East Asian, Indian, and Pakistani immigrants make up these diverse areas, many of whom are Muslims. In another location, a significant portion of the youth come from broken homes and have drugs and alcohol addictions. In fact, the pastor said he knows of less than five or six Christian teenagers in the entire town of 8,500 residents! Building relationships will be at the heart of the team’s outreach efforts. During your trip, you’ll help lead a Holiday Club (similar to a VBS), and host drop-in youth clubs. Your ministry will also include some street performances (song, dance, puppets, and drama), as well as playing sports like Ultimate Frisbee and football (American’s call it soccer). It’s all about attracting teens and looking for opportunities to talk about Christ. After hanging out with the teens and seeing their brokenness, you’ll quickly realize why God brought you there.Close
Scotland EatIf you are fully committed to the American diet, don’t worry, you’ll do just fine in Scotland. However, if you are willing to be a wee bit adventurous, how about sampling a plate of haggis (sheep’s heart, liver, and lungs encased in a sheep’s stomach), with a side of neeps (rutabaga) and tatties (potatoes)? Ok, haggis can sound a bit gross, but believe it or not, it’s considered the national dish of Scotland! Wikipedia says, “Although its description is not immediately appealing, haggis has an excellent nutty texture and delicious savory flavor.” To be honest, it’s not that bad and sometimes you just gotta go for it!

But one traditional meal that you’re sure to love is Fish-n-Chips! Served piping hot, with a sprinkling of salt and malt vinegar, and a cold bottle of Irn-Bru (a Scottish carbonated soft drink that tastes like bubble gum)…it will change your life!

You and the team will stay right in the churches we partner with while in Scotland (ministry) and England (debriefing). Each night you’ll unfold your mat, lay out your sleeping bag, and have some time to chat before lights out. It’s a great time to hang out and debrief the day. On the Scotland mission trip, we end each day with a goodnight song. If you want to, you’ll get a chance to sing! It’s a fun, long-standing Royal Servants tradition.Close
who-should-go If you want to build deep and lasting friendships with the Scottish youth, or you have a passion for multicultural communities, then this is a good trip for you. You will also enjoy Scotland if you like trekking through the countryside (Scottish Highlands… think mountains, sheep, lochs (lakes), and seaside villages), but also appreciate working in the center of the city. You’ll get both on the Scotland mission trip!Close

Picture this: you are hiking along a forested trail on the side of a mountain, drinking in the clean air, and gazing down at the shimmering waters of Loch Lomond. Sound good? It is!

And did I mention the cities of Dunoon, Glasgow, or London? Well let me tell you! In Dunoon, a picturesque village on Loch (lake) Tay, you and your Scottish friends will jump off the town pier into the cool (ok…I’ll be honest, the really cold) waters Loch Tay. In Glasgow you’ll have a chance to visit Glasgow University – a place straight out of the Harry Potter movies

And in London you’ll get to see the iconic Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, and have a chance to look for the Queen at Buckingham Palace. Castles, kilts, and Queens (and don’t forget haggis!).

spiritual-growthYou will be grounded in solid biblical teaching throughout the trip, as well as have the opportunity to spend a daily quiet time in God’s Word in some amazing locations. You will be placed in a small group for discussion lead by a staff discipler who will pour into you throughout the summer. You will then be able to take what you are learning to the streets, quite literally! You’ll see God work through you, whether you share a personal testimony with your new Scottish friends or simply be a servant and pick up trash in the local city park. Along with the rest of your team, you will be learning more about the Scriptures, praying regularly, and worshiping together to build unity and strength. Here’s what some students who were on the last Scotland mission trip said:
  • "I never would have believed that I was capable of truly influencing another person’s life. I am blessed that God has chosen me, that He has given me joy in my life, and that He wants to use me to bring others into a joyful relationship with Jesus.”
  • “God has taught me that my feelings should never be what govern my faith. What I know to be true about God through His Word is what I should follow – not my feelings.”

It will take a couple days before you begin to clearly understand what the Scottish are saying, their accent is thick and they have different words and phrases which take some getting used to. However, it’s a lot of fun and let’s be honest, we all secretly wish the accent was our own!

One of the areas where we serve is incredibly multicultural, so not only will you experience Scottish culture, but also many of the cultures of the immigrant populations as well. You’ll eat amazing food (if you dare) and even get a chance to learn Ceilidh (pronounced “Kay-lay”), a traditional Scottish dance. For the guys, dancing the Ceilidh is a great way to sport your newly purchased kilt (in Scotland, real men wear kilts), and you’ll have a blast doing it!


While in Glasgow, you will be working and staying in a church in the community of Drumchapel, which is a poor, rough area of the city. The members of the church may be small in number, but the size of their hearts are big and that’s all that truly matters.

We will also be working with another church in the lakeside town of Dunoon. Dunoon is about as pure Scottish as it gets, so you’ll have a totally legit, day to day experience in what it is like to be a Scot. You’ll really get to know the local teens, have time to hang around town, hike the surrounding hills, and hopefully enjoy a BBQ at the beach. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll become friends. The Scottish are some of the friendliest people on earth!

In all my years leading short-term mission trips, I don’t think I have worked with churches that have been as generous and loving toward our team. They also have a deep burden for reaching their community for Christ that is truly inspiring.

debriefIn London, you’ll have time to debrief your summer experience and spiritually prepare you for going home. You will have opportunity to reflect, journal, pray, and plan. We want you to be successful as you take the necessary tools that you’ve gained over the summer and learn how to apply them back home. We’ll also set aside time to relax and enjoy some of the sights around London (see Adventure). Debriefing in London is a sweet way to end your summer. Close


  1. Students June 24 - July 23
  2. Staff Disciplers June 17 - July 23
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Scotland Required Support

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  • Airfare & Ground Costs: $3,095
  • Spending Money: $370
  • TOTAL: $3465
  • Staff
  • Airfare & Ground Costs: $3,095
  • Spending Money: $405
  • TOTAL: $3500

*$USD. For information about Canadian contributions and tax deductibility for Canadian citizen contact our Headquarters. The Scotland mission trip does not require a visa.

Scotland Trip Leader

  • Dave Eikenberry - Full Bio >>
  • My greatest passion is helping students treasure God above all things. I am convinced that as long as there are people anywhere who do not know, worship, and enjoy their Creator, we must do all that we can to point them towards Jesus Christ…for their joy and His glory!

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Well on our last day in Scotland, we went to the stunning Loch Lomond. There we climbed a massive hill, which I think was 1000 meters above sea level. It was an amazing journey of hard determination and God revealing his majesty by every small step. And just like the climb, there were challenging moments during the summer but overall it was well worth it. You should go!