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It takes one trip to these countries to fall in love with this part of the world. All you need is a backpack and a good pair of tennis shoes and you are set to explore cities, mountains, beaches, and forests all over the Iberian Peninsula. But what will impact you the most is the people you will encounter in Spain and Portugal. Warm, welcoming, and always ready to laugh, they will charm you with their more relaxed way of life – where siestas are not only fantastic but a way of life. They are also a people in need of the Father’s love. Join us as we love and learn together in this epic corner of the world.

In Portugal you’ll be partnering with a local ministry situated just north of Lisbon. It is here where you’ll partake in a week-long camp that’ll be filled with fun activities, sports, games, water sports (yes, there’s a pool), teaching English, and daily chapels where students can learn more about who God is and what that can mean for their life. It’ll be a week of being incarnational with - of doing life with - Portuguese teens and living out an authentic, real, and raw faith that invites those to Jesus who may not quite know Him yet. There are also rich relationships to form with the staff and interns who work at the camp, who come from Argentina, Brazil, France, Canada – you get the picture. From there you'll head over to Madrid where you'll partner with a youth ministry and reach out to the local Spaniards right in the heart of the city. This partnership is a big encouragement to the young Spanish Christians you will work alongside, creating friendships and experiencing fellowship with believers from halfway around the world. Spanish young people are lively, fun, and passionate. You will laugh, play, and learn alongside them. Close
In Portugal and Spain, it is all about Tapas and Petiscos (think appetizers but so much more), which combine small portions of delicious meats, cheeses, breads, and fruit and veggies resulting in deliciously creative flavors. The best part of Tapas and Petiscos, because of their smaller sizes, you can eat several and sample so many flavors in just one meal. In Madrid, a visit to the Museum de Jamon is a must in order to eat a delicious bocadilla (sandwich) with fresh crunchy bread and slices of fresh cheese and ham. The best part, these bocadillas are 1 euro each! But visiting this part of the world always calls for multiple visits to the patisseries that sit on almost every street. Imagine drinking a delicious cup of café con leche accompanied with mouth watering pastries, all while people watching from a sidewalk café in a bustling European town.Close
Your time in Portugal will be spent at a camp facility that has it all: large meeting halls, outdoor basketball courts, a swimming pool, and cabins for bunking. It’ll be just like summer camp, except this one is 3,000 miles away, located on the western tip of Europe, and has a view that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean… it’ll feel just like home!   In Spain you’ll be staying in a church located in the heart of the country’s capital - Madrid. Don’t forget to bring a sleeping bag and mat. They love their tile floors in Spain. Close
If you speak some level of Spanish, or even a smattering of Portuguese, the Spain and Portugal trip is a great start! It’s a great mission trip for those who love Latin culture, European medieval history, have a strong sense of adventure, and really enjoy traveling! Oh, and as a side note, since you’ll be traveling through some of the world’s most prime cafe and bakery country, those of you who enjoy a good cup of cafe con leche coupled with a delicious pastry will be mighty happy! Close
Just being in this part of the world, means navigating ancient streets in cities full of noise, activity, and lively culture. It means trekking all over the beautiful rugged mountains and sandy beaches of Portugal and Spain, the traditional home of some of the greatest adventurers and explorers the world has ever known. Small medieval villages in the mountains are great for exploring as they almost always contain castles straight out of a fairy tale. That’s not even to mention that in Portugal, we stay in one of the premier surfing spots in the world, where it would be a crime not to learn how! Close
Seeking intentionality in your walk with Christ in an environment in which you can honestly and earnestly seek His truth is what you will experience on this trip. Discipleship, reading and studying the bible daily, understanding your identity in Christ, growing relationally in community, and learning to depend on God in a whole new way are just some of ways you will spiritually grow on this trip. Great things happen when we partner with other passionate believers, committing to a summer of service, and work towards the communal goal of advancing His Kingdom. So join us this summer and see for yourself! Close
The surfing village of Ericeira, Portugal is a seaside town with broad boulevards and tree-lined squares, combined with tangled, salty cobblestone side streets and alleys. Her streets are filled with coffeehouses and trolleys straight from the 1920s, with classic blue and white colors on all buildings, unique to Ericeira. Portugal itself is a country rooted in the sea. As a once-vast empire and in the height of the Age of Discovery, Portuguese sailors set sail from what was then known as the “end of the world” on voyages that spread this country’s influence around the Mediterranean world, the African coasts, and even as far as Brazil and the Far East. You’ll love the warm and laid back culture of Europe’s oldest country! And from there you'll head to the capital of Spain, Madrid, where you'll experience the Spanish culture in all its glory. Fun, festive, and lively are just some of the ways you can describe this bustling city, and we can't wait to explore it with you!Close
In Portugal you will be working at an international camp run by a Christian organization, partnering with a team of young people from all over the globe who have a heart for the local church, and more specifically, for the teenagers in their culture. They are driven by a vision to see the young people come to a saving faith in Christ and grow in their discipleship and ministry. We’re excited to be a part of what God is doing in this camp and work with a group of people that are so fun, down to earth, and up for anything. In Spain, you will work alongside a youth group from a church in Madrid. This church is multi-cultural to its core, which makes for a virtual united nations! It is such a unique opportunity to befriend and work with young Christ followers from so many different cultures. Close
Coming home from a trip overseas, let alone a missions trip, is a difficult transition to make. This is why we believe debriefing is so crucial. We want to make sure you process your summer well before returning home and take time to reflect on all that you have experienced throughout the course of this mission trip. This helps as you think back on all that God has shown you and prepare to return home to impact your world for Christ. Debriefing is a special time full of laughter, fellowship, reflection, decompression, and pure unadulterated fun.Close


  1. Students June 23 - July 28
  2. Staff Disciplers June 16 - July 28
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Spain – Portugal Trip Leader

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